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"Never has there been a time where it is more important to empower women."

  14 Februari 2017 09:53

Victoria Beckham on Sunday unveiled a beautifully tailored collection of clothes designed to empower women in troubled times, joined by husband David, who is reeling from an email scandal, and their children.

David, the British cultural icon and football legend, sat front row with Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, in a blaze of flashing cameras after sending his wife a bouquet and card to wish her luck.

The leak of a series of expletive-laden emails in which he apparently raged about not receiving a knighthood have battered his squeaky-clean image at home and had threatened to overshadow his wife's fashion show.

But fashion editors, buyers and fans braved heavy rain and a freezing New York morning for one thing only: a fall/winter 2017 collection of classic, wearable clothes made for the global woman.

As Beckham -- one half of likely Britain's most famous power couple -- knows better than anyone, it was about keeping her customer happy rather than creating the most innovative fashion on the block.

There was a British feel with heritage fabrics and a color palette inspired by a gentleman's club -- oxblood, navy and black -- mixed with more feminine rose-beige, powder blue and lipstick red.

It was a look steeped in menswear -- sharply tailored and oversized outerwear -- given a sexy, feminine edge with chiffon and georgette frilled skirts, leather gloves worn to the elbow, and wedge and heeled boots.

There were also flat, masculine black shoes with a pointy toe and double buckle. The bag of the season was a sleek vanity-box.

"Never has there been a time where it is more important to empower women," Beckham told reporters.

"It's about making her feel strong and powerful," she said, delighted to chat about the clothes, saying only about her family that she loved having them in New York.

The show was not a radical departure: as Beckham said herself, there was a familiarity to the collection, which showcased the craftsmanship of beautifully made clothes to offer a working wardrobe for the woman who can afford it.

Without explicitly referencing Donald Trump's rocky first weeks as president and Brexit back home, she evoked the uncertain political times.

"There is so much going on at the moment in the world and I think that we have to be optimistic. We have to be positive," she said.

"So what can I do to make my customer feel that? And like I said it's just about really beautiful clothes and luxury and strength."

"It's always about empowering women," she added. "I'm always influenced by menswear and how can I evolve that each season."

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