One of the causes of premature graying is genetic factors.

  20 Mei 2024 11:10 - Gray hair is the condition where strands of grayish-white hair grow, which generally appear when a person is 30 years old. This happens because as a person ages, melanin production in hair follicles will decrease. So that the hair that grows does not get pigment perfectly.

However, gray hair can also appear more quickly when you are a teenager, you know. This condition is called premature graying. Premature graying is caused by many factors. Such as genetics, hormonal changes, frequent hair styling, dyeing hair with chemical dyes, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

The presence of premature gray hair is enough to make sufferers lack self-confidence, so many are looking for ways to overcome it. Starting from dyeing your hair using henna and using natural ingredients. Even though it uses natural ingredients, if you use it regularly, you will get even black hair without having to dye your hair, you know.

Like the upload from the TikTok account @healthviraltips on December 9 2023, which shared how to treat premature gray hair so it turns black again using 1 type of tomato. He also added other ingredients, namely coffee grounds and olive oil.

"Apply it 1 Night -- White Hair Turn To Jet Black Permanently with this homemade remedy. 100% Working remedy (Apply 1 Night - White Hair Turns Black Quickly Permanently with this homemade remedy. A 100% working remedy), " said the account owner in the video description, which reported from the TikTok account @healthviraltips, Sunday (19/5).

How to deal with premature gray hair turning black automatically from various sources


Reporting from Healthline, tomatoes contain vitamin C and folate. Thanks to these ingredients, tomatoes have various benefits for the health of the body, skin and hair. One of them is overcoming premature gray hair. The antioxidant, mineral and vitamin content in tomatoes will nourish the hair and scalp, so that premature graying can be prevented.

In addition, the presence of lycopene in the form of an antioxidant helps fight damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can damage hair cells and cause premature aging, including the appearance of gray hair. Meanwhile, the natural acids in tomatoes can help balance the pH of the scalp, which can prevent various hair problems, including dandruff and hair loss which can trigger gray hair.

Meanwhile, coffee powder contains caffeine and antioxidants, to maintain healthy hair and scalp. Coffee also has a dark color, so it can act as a natural stain or dye in the hair. The antioxidants in it are also effective in preventing premature graying. On the other hand, coffee has the ability to exfoliate the scalp. Its ability is effective in removing dead skin cells, so it can directly clean pores from dandruff.

This is no exception to olive oil, which you can also use as an ingredient to treat premature gray hair. This is thanks to the antioxidant and fatty acid content which can help thicken and darken hair. This antioxidant helps protect hair cells from damage caused by free radicals, which can speed up the aging process and the appearance of gray hair. By fighting oxidative stress, olive oil helps maintain healthy hair cells.

Olive oil massage helps prevent gray hair.

The benefits of olive oil are not just applied. So that you can get maximum benefits, give a comfortable massage to the scalp. The reason is that massaging olive oil into the scalp can increase blood circulation. Increased blood flow to the hair follicles ensures that the hair gets sufficient nutrients and oxygen, which is important for hair health and can help prevent hair discoloration.

How to deal with premature gray hair turning black automatically from various sources

photo: TikTok/@healthviraltips

With these three natural ingredients you can make an effective hair mask to blacken premature gray hair. You can even get the effect just overnight, you know. Come on, see how to make and use it.


1. 1 tomato
2. 1 teaspoon of coffee powder
3. 1 teaspoon olive oil

How to deal with premature gray hair turning black automatically from various sources

photo: TikTok/@healthviraltips

How to create and use:

1. Grate the tomatoes until fine
2. Strain the tomatoes and just take the juice
3. Add coffee grounds and olive oil
4. Stir all three until evenly mixed
5. Apply the mask to your hair thoroughly
6. Leave it for 1 hour or overnight
7. Rinse using your favorite shampoo and conditioner
8. Do this method regularly 2 times a week to get optimal results.