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One of the ingredients in the kitchen can stimulate hair growth, give it a natural shine, and even blacken gray hair.

  15 April 2024 10:45 - Old age is usually marked by the appearance of various signs of aging, such as skin starting to sag, wrinkles, and the appearance of gray hair on the head. Usually gray hair will grow in someone aged 30 years and over. The reason is, as a person ages, the production of collagen and melanin in hair follicles will also decrease.

Decreased melanin levels will prevent the growing hair strands from getting the perfect pigment. Well, strands of hair that don't get this pigment will grow into a grayish white color called gray hair. It's not surprising that the older a person gets, the more hair will turn white.

Even so, there are many cases where gray hair can grow faster, you know. It can even be experienced by someone who is still young or a teenager. Not without reason, this happens due to various factors, such as genetics, hormonal changes, the effects of stress, styling hair too often using heating tools and chemical dyes, using unsuitable hair care products, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Gray hair that grows faster is called premature gray hair . The presence of gray hair on the head can indeed reduce a person's self-confidence and disturb comfort. Therefore, many people are looking for ways to blacken or disguise gray hair. One of them is by polishing your hair.

Not a few people dye their hair using instant chemical dyes sold on the market. It is indeed effective, but long-term use will actually damage hair health. Another solution, you can use natural ingredients which are no less effective than chemical dyes. Apart from that, it is also safer to use over a long period of time.

As shared by one TikTok user with the account name @tiksudamadadam. Through his upload on May 13 2022, he shared a video about how to blacken the appearance of gray hair using henna mixed with 2 kitchen ingredients, namely coffee and yogurt.

The benefits of henna for blackening the appearance of gray hair

Blacken the appearance of gray hair with additional 2 TikTok kitchen ingredients

photo: TikTok/@tiksudamadadam

Henna powder is better known as a natural ingredient for coloring nails. In Indonesia itself, henna has other names such as henna, paci, and henna, which is made from the natural leaves of the henna plant. Henna is also often used as an alternative temporary 'tattoo' for anyone who wants to paint their body with patterns, motifs or images.

But in fact, henna powder is also effective for blackening gray hair, you know. Henna powder helps disguise gray hair by enhancing the hair's natural pigment. Henna will produce a deep brown color which can disguise gray hair and make hair evenly dark.

Coffee contains to disguise the appearance of gray hair to make it darker

Even though coffee is known as a drink to prevent drowsiness, it turns out that this drink can also help overcome the appearance of gray hair, you know. The reason is, coffee has a natural dark pigment which can act as a stain or stain on the hair.

It's not surprising that this drink can act as a natural polish to blacken or disguise the appearance of gray hair. According to Healthline, the caffeine content in coffee has benefits for hair health, such as stimulating hair growth, giving it a natural shine, and can blacken gray hair.

It turns out yogurt can treat gray hair

Yogurt is known to have a multitude of benefits for healthy hair and scalp. This fermented milk product contains lots of protein which can strengthen hair follicles and maintain the production of melanin pigment in the hair. Even the vitamin B5 content in it also plays an important role in caring for hair follicles, so it can slow down the appearance of premature graying.

Only with the ingredients mentioned, you can make natural hair polish which is believed to be able to blacken the appearance of gray hair so that it turns black and dark again. In fact, this mask is also able to inhibit the growth of gray hair so that it doesn't increase in number. Come on, see how to make and use it below, as reported by from TikTok/@tiksudamadadam on Monday (15/4).


Blacken the appearance of gray hair with additional 2 TikTok kitchen ingredients

photo: TikTok/@tiksudamadadam

- 2 tablespoons coffee powder
- 3 tablespoons water
- 3 tablespoons henna powder
- 3 tablespoons plain yoghurt

How to create and use:

Blacken the appearance of gray hair with additional 2 TikTok kitchen ingredients

photo: TikTok/@tiksudamadadam

1. Pour coffee grounds into a container then add water
2. Stir then add henna powder
3. Stir again until evenly mixed
4. Once it is evenly mixed, you can add the yoghurt and stir until it is mixed completely until the texture is like paste
5. Apply evenly to the hair from the roots of the hair to the ends of the hair (focus on the part of the hair where there is gray hair)
6. Leave it for 1-2 hours then rinse with water until clean
7. Do this regularly 1-2 times a week to get dark, gray-free hair.

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