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The appearance of gray hair is caused by excessive stress.

  20 Mei 2024 10:25 - Having gray hair on the head is a natural thing when someone enters old age. This happens because the production of melanin in the hair follicles decreases, so that the growing hair strands do not get perfect hair pigment.

Not only that, when you are over 40 years old, hair cell regeneration will also slow down, making your hair prone to graying. But in fact, the growth of gray hair is not only caused by age, you know. There are many other factors that can also trigger the appearance of gray hair, gray hair can even grow at an early age.

Some factors include genetics, the effects of stress, lifestyle, lack of hair care, frequent styling using heating tools, coloring hair using chemical polish, and frequent exposure to sunlight.

Even though it is a common condition, many people feel less confident about having gray hair. So, quite a few are looking for ways to disguise gray hair. One natural ingredient that is widely used to disguise gray hair is henna powder.

It is indeed effective, but sometimes henna powder is difficult to find and obtain. Another solution, you can use other natural ingredients. As shared by one TikTok user with the account name @eze_nwanyi1, who uses 3 kitchen ingredients. The kitchen ingredients in question are coffee grounds, fine granulated sugar and coconut oil.

Fade the appearance of gray hair back to black. Various sources

photo: TikTok/@eze_nwanyi1

The benefits of coffee grounds for fading the appearance of gray hair so that it becomes evenly black again.

As a beverage ingredient that is known to prevent drowsiness, in fact coffee is also useful for disguising the appearance of gray hair. This is because coffee has dark natural pigments, so it can act as a stain on hair. Reporting from Healthline, the caffeine content in coffee can stimulate hair growth, soften hair, give it a natural shine, and can reduce the appearance of gray hair.

Refined granulated sugar can help nourish hair and prevent gray hair.

Granulated sugar actually has several benefits for hair health. These include treating dandruff, gray hair and preventing limp hair. This is thanks to the glycolic acid content in it. Well, this rather smooth texture can clean the scalp and stimulate scalp regeneration to improve blood circulation. This is what can prevent gray hair from growing faster.

Contains coconut oil to delay the growth of gray hair.

One of the benefits of coconut oil is to restore healthy hair and treat gray hair. This is thanks to the polyphenol content as antioxidants and vitamin E in it which is good for cell regeneration and increasing hair collagen (blackness).

The fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants in coconut oil are also effective in maintaining protein levels and providing nutritional intake to prevent the loss of melanin or hair color.

With just these three kitchen ingredients, you can make a hair blackening mask that is effective in fading the appearance of gray hair. Here's how to make and use it, as quoted from the TikTok account @eze_nwanyi1, Sunday (19/5).

Fade the appearance of gray hair back to black. Various sources

photo: TikTok/@eze_nwanyi1


- 3 tablespoons of coffee powder
- 3 tablespoons fine granulated sugar
- 3 tablespoons coconut oil
- 3 tablespoons hair moisturizer

How to create and use:

1. Pour the ingredients into the container
2. Stir the ingredients until they are evenly mixed and the texture is like paste
3. Apply to the part of the hair where there is gray hair thoroughly
4. Massage gently until absorbed
5. Leave it for 20 minutes then rinse using shampoo and conditioner
6. Do it regularly 2 times a week to get even black hair naturally.

Fade the appearance of gray hair back to black. Various sources

photo: TikTok/@eze_nwanyi1

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