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Apply this natural hair spray by spraying it evenly throughout the hair area.

  15 Februari 2024 18:10 - Hair is an important feature in human appearance. Hair has the main function of protecting the scalp from sunlight, preventing extreme temperatures from entering directly into the body. Not only that, hair is also a tool for many people to show their beauty through various hairstyles that can be changed according to taste.

However, as people get older, people will usually experience problems with their body organs, including their hair, more often. This is because aging causes the functions of the body's organs to slowly decline quickly. Well, your hair will experience various problems as you get older, one of which is hair loss and gray hair.

Hair loss basically refers to a condition where strands of hair fall off from the roots or scalp beyond normal limits. Even though losing a few strands of hair is a natural process of hair regeneration, excessive hair loss can actually cause many problems on the head. Several things such as baldness, baldness and scalp irritation can be triggered by this problem.

One of the main causes of excessive hair loss that many people often experience is dry and weak hair roots due to exposure to UV rays from the sun and air pollution. These two things in the process can cause the hair's natural moisture to evaporate so that the scalp and hair shaft become dry and brittle. In the end, hair strands that are unable to maintain their strength will fall off the scalp one by one.

Meanwhile, gray hair or white hair is a sign of aging that many people can easily see. Scientifically, the appearance of gray hair is basically caused by the loss of the color pigment melanin in the hair follicles due to reduced production of melanocyte cells as we age. This then causes the black color of the hair to fade over time and then turn grayish white.

Even though gray hair usually only appears when people are in their 30s and 40s, in fact gray hair is also found in many young people. Genetic factors, nutritional deficiencies, stress, and bad habits such as smoking have been found to damage the melanin production process in the hair. All of these factors will ultimately accelerate the loss of natural hair color. As a result, it is not surprising that gray hair can be seen even in young people.

For those of you who want to overcome these two annoying problems, there is no need to be confused. The thing is, you can try using a mixture of natural ingredients to make hair spray that can fight gray hair growth and hair loss.

This was demonstrated by @datiharry_diy, an aesthetician (beauty expert) on Instagram as reported by on Thursday (15/2). In the video, he uses a mixture of cloves and rosemary leaves to make a spray to fight gray hair and hair loss.

Why can cloves help fight gray hair growth and hair loss?

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Cloves are spices that contain important compounds such as eugenol, beta-caryophyllin, and flavonoids. Reporting from the Healthshots page, the combination of these compound components makes cloves have strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Through this, cloves can help protect melanocyte cells from oxidative damage which inhibits the process of changing hair color. Apart from that, cloves can also help increase blood circulation to hair follicles so that they can help maintain healthy hair.

The content of rosemary leaves to overcome the problem of gray hair and hair loss.

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Rosemary leaves are famous for their ability to stimulate hair regeneration quickly. These leaves contain several beneficial compounds such as ursolic acid, rosmarinic acid, and essential oils. The ursolic acid content can stimulate melanin production, helping restore hair's original color. Meanwhile, rosmarinic acid acts as an antioxidant which protects hair cells from oxidative damage and inhibits the appearance of gray hair. On the other hand, essential oils play a role in stimulating hair follicles to support healthy black hair growth.

So, you can use the two ingredients above to make a spray to fight gray hair and hair loss in the following way.

Tools and materials:

- Sufficient clean hot water
- Sufficient rosemary leaves
- Cloves to taste
- Empty spray bottle
- Small container

Working steps:

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1. Take a handful of dry rosemary leaves, then put them in a small container.
2. After that, put a handful of cloves in the container.
3. Soak the two ingredients in hot water, then cover the container and leave overnight.
4. The next day, stir this mixture before filtering it into an empty spray bottle.
5. Apply this solution by spraying it evenly throughout the hair area, starting from the base of the hair.
6. Leave it for around 30 minutes to 1 hour before rinsing thoroughly using shampoo as usual (if necessary).
7. Use this solution regularly to get hair that is free of gray and hair loss.

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