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Keeping your comb clean is the same as improving the healthy quality of your hair.

  16 Februari 2024 19:40 - Healthy and well-maintained hair is not just about the care products you use. But it's also about the cleanliness of the tools you use every day to maintain the beauty of your hair. There are various kinds of tools that support the beauty of hair, starting from straighteners, dryers, and the most important thing is combs. A comb is a hair styling tool that is often relied on to tidy your hair. Frequent use makes this comb easily exposed to various dirt, oil and residual grooming products that accumulate. This cleanliness is what comb users sometimes forget.

Maintaining the cleanliness of beauty tools is mandatory for everyone. This is because combs that are not cleaned regularly can become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and dirt. A buildup of natural oils from the scalp, leftover hair products, and dust from the air can cause the comb to become dirty and potentially damage the health of the scalp.

Well, the buildup of bacteria and fungus on the comb can cause scalp irritation and even infection. Cleaning your comb regularly can help prevent scalp problems, such as dandruff, scalp acne, and seborrheic dermatitis.

Not only that, keeping your comb clean is the same as improving the healthy quality of your hair. Clean and healthy hair starts from the roots first. If your comb is dirty, it will most likely affect your appearance and look dull and dirty, even though you always wash your hair.

The benefits of keeping your comb clean for your hair.

Clean dirty combs from various sources


That is the impact of a comb that is not kept clean properly. On the other hand, if your comb is clean, of course you can get other benefits. The benefits of cleaning a dirty comb that you need to know, firstly, is preventing the buildup of dirt and oil. The second benefit is that cleaning the comb regularly helps keep the scalp clean, by removing dirt and dead skin cells that stick to the comb bristles. This helps prevent scalp problems such as dandruff, irritation, and scalp infections.

Not only that, the next benefit of a clean comb can help ensure the effectiveness of your hair care. When you use a dirty comb, hair product residue and dirt can stick to your hair, preventing the absorption of nutrients from hair care products such as conditioners or hair masks. By cleaning your comb regularly, you can ensure that hair care products penetrate your hair better.

The next benefit of cleaning a dirty comb is preventing hair damage. Dirt and residue stuck to the bristles of the comb can cause excessive friction on the hair when combing, which in turn can cause hair breakage, breakage, and hair loss. By keeping your comb clean, you can reduce the risk of hair damage due to excessive friction.

An effective way to clean a comb.

Cleaning this comb is very easy and you can do it regularly. If you usually clean this comb by soaking it in soapy water, in a trick shared by YouTube user CleanWithConfidence, Thursday (15/2) you don't need to do that step.

Clean dirty combs from various sources

photo: YouTube/CleanWithConfidence

"A comb or hairbrush is essential for most people, unless you're shaving your head or rocking a bed head. Using the same hairbrush over and over again without cleaning it is a recipe for bad hair days," said the account owner.

In the video shared, you can see a type of paddle brush filled with loose hair that looks difficult to remove. To get rid of hair loss, you only need one simple tool, namely a pen, water and soap. If all the ingredients are ready, the first step you need to do is direct the pen into the paddle brush comb.

Clean dirty combs from various sources

photo: YouTube/CleanWithConfidence

If so, push the comb inwards until the loose hair inside is removed easily. Do this repeatedly until the comb is clean without hair.

Clean dirty combs from various sources

photo: YouTube/CleanWithConfidence

The next stage is to prepare water with normal temperature. Rub the comb and pour a little soap on the comb. Scrub using a clean toothbrush until clean.

Clean dirty combs from various sources

photo: YouTube/CleanWithConfidence

"Dry the clean comb," said the owner of the CleanWithConfidence account, as summarized by , Thursday (15/2).

The next step is to prepare a dry and clean towel or tissue. Spread the towel and place the comb on top of it, in a prone position. Leave it for approximately 10 minutes or until the comb dries by itself.

By using the steps above, your comb will be clean again and will not become a nest for bacteria. You can use your favorite comb comfortably.

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