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Do this trick regularly 2-3 times a week to get hair that is free of premature graying.

  13 Maret 2024 10:10 - One of the signs of aging that generally appears when a person enters old age is gray hair. Not without reason, this condition occurs because as a person gets older, the production of melanin as a substance that gives hair natural pigment begins to decline. Because of this, the strands of hair that grow do not get perfect pigment. This reason causes grayish white gray hair.

Even though it is a sign of aging, gray hair can actually grow faster, you know. Even when someone is still relatively young. This condition is called premature graying. There are various factors that cause premature gray hair, including genetics, hormonal changes, too often styling using heating tools and chemical dyes, certain diseases, the effects of stress, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Even though it is not dangerous, premature gray hair is quite disturbing to your appearance. Especially for someone who is still young, the presence of gray hair makes them appear older than their actual age. It's not surprising that many people are looking for ways to overcome or delay premature gray hair so that it doesn't grow quickly. There are those who polish using chemical dyes in salons , use various hair care products, and even use natural ingredients.

Hair polish is indeed an effective way to cover the appearance of premature gray hair. But unfortunately, using chemical hair polish will actually have a bad impact on hair health. Hair will easily become damaged, fall out and tangle. So, another solution, you can use natural ingredients to delay the growth of premature gray hair.

As shared by a TikTok user with the account name @clinicayurveda on December 19 2022. In the video he uses a mask made from 1 type of grain as a trick to delay the growth of premature gray hair. The seeds in question are black sesame seeds. Not only that, the account owner also added other ingredients, namely hair oil and curry leaves.

"Black sesame for Premature Greying (Black sesame for Premature Graying Hair)," wrote the account owner in the uploaded video, which quoted from the TikTok account @clinicayurveda, Tuesday (12/3).

Contains black sesame seeds to treat premature graying.

Delays the growth of premature gray hair. Various sources


Black sesame is a type of seed that is often used as a topping on desserts. Even though they are small, these seeds contain various nutrients, so they can provide many health and beauty benefits, both for skin and hair.

This material contains important ingredients such as iron and copper. These two ingredients are needed by the body to help produce the hormone melatonin, a hormone that functions to stimulate pigmentation in several parts of the body. This includes keeping your hair black and preventing it from graying quickly, so you can delay the appearance of premature graying.

Benefits of hair oil for gray hair.

Hair oil is hair care that is formulated to nourish and provide extra moisture for the hair and scalp. There are various types of hair oil that you can use. Such as olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil. These various types of hair oil contain the main content of vitamin E and antioxidants which are effective for maintaining healthy hair. Therefore, the decrease in melanin levels in hair follicles can be delayed.

It turns out that curry leaves can treat premature gray hair.

Curry leaves are a flavoring ingredient that has a distinctive taste and strong aroma, so it makes every dish more delicious. Even so, it turns out that curry leaves also have other benefits, namely for maintaining healthy hair. One of them is delaying the growth of premature gray hair.

This is thanks to the antioxidant and vitamin B content in it which will stimulate the production of hair melanin. Quoting from the Indian Express, curry leaves can give hair roots a much-needed nutritional boost, so that graying can stop and the new hair that grows will have a healthier texture.

After knowing the benefits of each of the ingredients mentioned, now is the time for you to see how to make a hair mask which is believed to be able to delay the growth of premature gray hair. Here's how to make and use it.

Delays the growth of premature gray hair. Various sources

photo: TikTok/@clinicayurveda


- 1 cup hair oil
- 1 teaspoon black sesame seeds
- 2 sprigs of curry leaves

How to create and use:

1. Put hair oil in a pan
2. Add black sesame seeds and curry leaves
3. Heat over low heat for 15 minutes until boiling
4. Turn off the stove then let it sit until it cools
5. Strain then just take the oil
6. Dip cotton wool in your homemade hair mask then rub it all over the roots and ends of the hair

Delays the growth of premature gray hair. Various sources

photo: TikTok/@clinicayurveda

7. Massage for 5 minutes so that it is more absorbed
8. Roll your hair and let it sit overnight
9. Rinse in the morning using shampoo and conditioner
10. Do this method regularly 2-3 times a week to get hair that is free of premature graying


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