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Gray hair can be disguised with natural ingredients that have minimal side effects.

  5 Maret 2024 09:00 - Apart from a sagging face and wrinkles, one of the signs that someone is aging is the appearance of gray hair on the head. Gray hair itself is a sign of aging which is characterized by the appearance of white strands of hair on the head. This condition is generally experienced by someone aged 30 years and over and will increase as they get older.

This happens because as a person gets older, the production of melanin in the hair follicles begins to decrease, so that the strands of hair that grow will not have perfect pigment. This is what causes gray hair to have a grayish white color.

Even so, in fact gray hair is not only experienced by elderly people, you know. But someone who is still relatively young can also grow gray hair on their head. There are many factors that trigger this condition, such as genetics, hormonal changes, lifestyle, frequent hair styling using heating tools and chemical dyes, and the effects of stress.

Even though it is a common thing experienced by everyone, the appearance of gray hair is quite disturbing to your appearance. It's not surprising that many people are looking for ways to disguise gray hair by turning it black again. But don't use chemical dyes, because chemical dyes will have a bad impact on hair health if used for a long time.

Well, you can use natural ingredients. As shared by a TikTok user via his personal account @nai.tural on May 17 2022. In the 1 minute 12 second video, the account owner shares a trick to disguise gray hair using henna mixed with 2 kitchen ingredients that make your car shiny black. The kitchen ingredients in question are black tea and coconut oil.

" Henna Hair mask for healthy and growing hair & natural hair coloring (Henna Hair Mask for healthy and thriving hair and natural hair coloring)," wrote the account owner as a description of the uploaded video, which quoted from the TikTok account @nai.tural , Monday (4/3).

Disguise gray hair using henna and 2 kitchen ingredients from various sources


The benefits of henna for darkening the appearance of gray hair.

So far it is known that henna powder is used to color nails, but in fact henna powder is also effective for blackening gray hair. Henna powder helps disguise gray hair by enhancing the hair's natural pigment. Because it comes from natural ingredients, henna powder will not be harmful to the health of your hair and scalp. In fact, this natural ingredient will act as a stain that is durable and does not fade easily. So, you can choose the henna color according to your wishes.

The content of black tea is for healthy hair, including to disguise gray hair.

Black tea has many benefits for hair health. This is thanks to the high antioxidant and caffeine content in it. This content is claimed to maintain healthy scalp and hair growth. Reporting from Healthline, the caffeine in black tea is also believed to be able to reach hair follicles and prevent DHT, a hormone that plays a role in hair loss in people suffering from baldness.

Apart from that, black tea can also increase melanin and keratin in the hair strands so that it can restore the hair's natural pigment. Apart from that, this tea is also effective in covering gray hair that has grown. In fact, its antioxidant content can reduce stress, which is one of the causes of hair loss and delays the growth of premature gray hair.

Why can coconut oil treat gray hair?

Known as a natural oil that can help moisturize skin and hair, coconut oil also has benefits for treating gray hair, you know. This is because coconut oil contains polyphenols which are antioxidants and vitamin E. This content is good for cell regeneration and increases hair melanin. Even the fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants in it can also help maintain protein levels and provide nutritional intake to prevent the loss of melanin which causes gray hair.

You can use these three natural ingredients to make a natural polish which is claimed to be able to disguise the appearance of gray hair to make it look darker. Regular use can make your hair naturally shiny black. Here's how to make and use it.

Disguise gray hair using henna and 2 kitchen ingredients from various sources

photo: TikTok/@nai.tural


- 4-5 tablespoons of henna powder
- 1 cup steeped black tea (you can use 1-2 black tea bags brewed using hot water)
- 2 tablespoons coconut oil

Disguise gray hair using henna and 2 kitchen ingredients from various sources

photo: TikTok/@nai.tural

How to create and use:

1. Pour the ingredients into a clean container
2. Stir the three until evenly mixed and the texture is like paste
3. Close the container and let it sit overnight
4. Apply this natural polish to your hair thoroughly
5. Roll your hair and cover it using a shower cap
6. Leave it for 1-2 hours
7. Rinse using water until clean
8. Do this method regularly 2 times a week to get naturally shiny black hair.

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