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This natural polish can also make hair naturally shiny.

  8 Maret 2024 16:25 - Gray hair is one of the signs of aging that is generally experienced by most people over 30 years of age, and will increase as they get older. This sign of aging begins with the growth of grayish white strands of hair which is quite a contrast to the original hair color.

This condition is caused by decreased levels of melanin in the hair, so that the hair does not get the perfect color pigment. This is what causes grayish white gray hair. Apart from the effects of aging, gray hair can also appear due to several other factors. Such as genetics, hormonal changes, the effects of stress, certain diseases, styling too often using heating tools, dyeing hair too often with chemical polish, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

That's why gray hair can also appear in someone who is still relatively young. This condition is called premature graying. This condition is quite disturbing to appearance and reduces self-confidence. The reason is, the appearance of white hair on the head can make someone appear older than their actual age.

Therefore, many people are looking for ways to darken their hair in an effort to disguise the appearance of gray hair. There are those who use the instant method of polishing at a beauty salon, but there are also those who use natural ingredients to disguise the gray hair on their heads.

Coloring your hair at a beauty salon is an instant way to disguise gray hair and darken your hair. But unfortunately, the chemical content in polish used in salons can actually damage hair health if used for a long time. As hair becomes easily damaged, dry, tangled and falls out.

Another solution, you can dye your gray hair by darkening it using polish made from natural ingredients. As shared by a content creator via his personal TikTok account @ibtiheltounsy on September 11 2022. The video contains how to make hair darkening polish using 2 natural ingredients. The natural ingredients in question are henna powder and essential oils.

"Trying henna mask hair (Trying a henna hair mask)," wrote the content creator as a description of the uploaded video, which quoted from the TikTok account @ibtiheltounsy, Friday (8/3).

The benefits of henna are to darken hair and disguise gray hair.

How to make TikTok hair darkening polish

photo: TikTok/@ibtiheltounsy

So far, henna powder is better known as a natural ingredient for coloring nails. In Indonesia, henna has other names such as henna, paci, and henna, which is made from the natural leaves of the henna plant. Henna is also often used as a temporary 'tattoo' alternative for anyone who wants to paint their body with patterns, motifs or images.

But in fact, henna powder is also effective for blackening gray hair, you know. Henna powder helps disguise gray hair by enhancing the hair's natural pigment. Henna will produce a deep brown color which can disguise gray hair and make hair evenly dark. Because it comes from natural ingredients, henna powder will not be harmful to the health of your hair and scalp. In fact, this natural ingredient will act as a stain that is durable and does not fade easily.

Use of essential oils to care for health and hair.

The essential oils in question are natural oils that have benefits for hair health. Several types of oil that can be used are coconut oil or virgin coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, and tea tree oil or tea leaf oil. These various oils are believed to be able to nourish the scalp and hair thanks to the antioxidant and vitamin content they contain. Applying essential oils to your hair and scalp regularly will make your hair shiny and healthy and prevent gray hair growth.

After knowing the benefits of each ingredient that will be used, now is the time for you to see how to make an effective natural hair darkening polish to disguise the appearance of gray hair. Not only that, this natural polish can also make hair naturally shiny . Come on, see how to make and use it below.

How to make TikTok hair darkening polish

photo: TikTok/@ibtiheltounsy


- 3-4 tablespoons of henna powder
- Enough water
- 2 tablespoons essential oil

How to create and use:

1. Pour the ingredients into the container
2. Stir the ingredients until they are evenly mixed and the texture is like paste
3. Apply to all parts of the hair, especially those with gray hair

How to make TikTok hair darkening polish

photo: TikTok/@ibtiheltounsy

4. Roll your hair and cover it with a shower cap for 2 hours
5. Rinse using water until clean
6. You can repeat the same method once every week to get evenly dark hair

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