Image: Qingjian Meng

Skater Jasmine > Flying Carpet Jasmine.

Ahada Ramadhana   05 May 2017 15:15

How would it be if Disney Princesses live in this era? How would they look like? What would they do?

Those questions were the ones a photographer in Los Angeles, Qingjian Meng had in mind and now, Meng described them in a photography work titled Modern Princess.

Check out these pictures out we compiled from Petapixel!

1. Rapunzel needs coffee. Hopefully the barista didn’t spell her name wrong.


2. Jasmine doesn’t need a flying carpet. All she needs is a skateboard.


3. Snow White and the Apple. 


4. Hello, Belle!


5. Guess who she is!


6. Pocahontas is so ready for music festival season.



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