Across the country, prisoners are given trainings and a chance to make money legally so they can be model citizens once they're free.

Agustin Wahyuningsih   07 July 2017 11:30

While serving in prison, inmates are given classes to optimize their skills and to prevent them from going back to doing negative things after they are released.

And sometimes, the works they created are awesome and can let them to make money.

What are the works produced by Indonesian prisoners? Check this out!

1. Furnitures

Illustration by Vladimir Nenezic via Shutterstock

Prisoners at Surabaya Prison are fostered to produce furniture including chairs, tables and cupboards. Around 150 prisoners do it in turn with 25 professional instructors guiding them.

Their products have been exported to other countries including Japan, Korea, England and the Netherlands.

Other prisons produce rattan chairs including Narcotics Prison in Cirebon, Majalengka Prison in Subang, and Bandung Prison.

2. Electric poles

Illustration by kevin brine via Shutterstock

Prisoners in Padang Prison produce electric poles. As cited from Merdeka’s report written in December 2013, one power pole might reach premium price.

3. Soccer balls

Illustration by pixfly via Shutterstock

Director of Prisoners and Prisoners’ Services Tuti Nurhayati in 2013 claimed the balls produced by Indonesian prisoners were used during World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Before that, the balls they produced have been exported to Europe and the number of balls exported increased every year.

Prisons in Cirebon and Majalengka are the ones producing the balls since 1990.

4. Baseball gloves

Illustration by David Lee via Shutterstock

Ambarawa Prison produces baseball gloves for export and the gloves are also marketed in Europe.

5. Football pants

Illustration by matimix via Shutterstock

Cipinang Prison produces football pants that has attracted people abroad, including in Nigeria.

This product export reportedly was initiated by a Nigerian imprisoned in Cipinang Prison.

6. Fan

Illustration by bouybin via Shutterstock

Cipinang Prison also produces fans and they work together with a prison in Bali to do that.

7. Batik

Illustration by Hary Budiarjo via Shutterstock

During Exhibition of Prisoners’ Featured Products in 2016, artworks created by Yogyakarta prisoners were displayed. According to Yogyakarta Prison spokesperson Yudo Dwiwarso, the most expensive price of the batik reached Rp 500,000.

8. Souvenirs

The miniature of yacht made by the prisoners. Image via

During the same exhibition, a miniature yacht made of Formica, scrap iron and remaining galvalume made by Yogyakarta prisoners were also displayed.

Besides the miniature, there were also other accessories displayed including bracelets, key chains and others. The price starts from Rp 3,000 to Rp 500,000.



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