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A fatal incident averted.

Petra Hapsari   19 June 2017 18:30

A Garuda Indonesia airplane with flight number GA425 flew from Denpasar to Jakarta had to take a go-around just few seconds before landing to avoid hitting a Sriwijaya Airlines plane last Sunday.

“A go-around had to be done to keep the flight safe since there was Sriwijaya SJ580 route Jakarta-Makassar on the runway. The latter was supposed to take off but cancelled it due to technical reason,” said state-owned air navigation company Airnav's corporate secretary Didiet KS Radityo.

Didiet added that Soekarno-Hatta Airport’s control tower has ordered SJ580 to take off yet the pilots stated they could not do it since the plane was still rolling slowly.

The Garuda airplane that was supposed to land after the SJ580 took off then had to take a go-around to avoid hitting it.

Via their official Twitter account, AirNav Indonesia thanked the Garuda pilot for taking the decision. “AirNav thanks the GA 425 pilot who was deft in responding the go-around instruction delivered by ATC,” the tweet read.

“AirNav also thanks the SJ580 pilot who directly reported the cancellation of plane’s take-off soon to control tower, so ATC could gave go-around instruction.”

The news spread after one of the Garuda’s passengers shared the moment on Facebook, stating that it was a frightening experience.

AirNav Indonesia promised to analyze the details of the event including checking the recording and data to get more information.


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