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A good sign for the current administration.

Petra Hapsari   10 June 2017 12:30

A survey by Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC) shows public satisfaction towards President Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla’s performance for the last two years.

The result shows majority of Indonesians are satisfied with Jokowi-JK’s performance.

“Around 67 percent said they are satisfied with Jokowi’s performance, [and] only 30 percent stated [they are] nor satisfied," said the director of SMRC Sirojudin Abbas.

According to the survey, the public are also optimistic about the country’s economic condition.

“Sixty-one percent of citizens are optimistic [that] their household’s economic condition for the next one year will be better,” said Sirojudin.

Sirojudin continued that the result shows the majority appreciate the government’s performance and such fact is important for the government.

“This survey shows the majority of citizens appreciate government’s efforts [in] serving and developing the infrastructure,” Sirojudin told liputan6.

The participants of the survey were Indonesians aged 17 and above, or Indonesians who are already married.

For the sampling, 1,200 respondents were chosen for a face-to-face interview by trained interviewers on June 22 to 28 last year.

Quality control towards the interview result was done randomly for 20% from the total sample by a supervisor who came to the chosen respondents again to check whether there was an error.

The response rate was 1027 or 84 percent and these 1027 respondents were the ones who were analyzed.

The average margin of error with the sample size is 3.1 percent at 95 percent of confidence level.



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