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Take a look at this app before you hit the road!

Petra Hapsari   19 June 2017 19:05

The Government just launched ‘Ayo Mudik’ mobile application to support the flow of mudik, the mass travel to hometown during major holidays including Idul Fitri, this year.

“This is the first integrated mudik application in Indonesia. This app gives information of road condition, the facilities around the major mudik roads and the points with possible traffic congestion that might make your travel take more time," said Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara.

The app was developed in less than a month and is a product of collaboration between various ministries and a startup company named Kudo.

“The content and information in the app are supported by various ministries and related institutions to serve integrated contents and information, including Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Communications and Information, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), Police and many more,” Rudiantara continued.

The app has several features that can ease the long mudik travel.

“Travelers will have the ease of obtaining information such as the nearest mudik posts location, police station, health posts, gas station, service stations, mosque, ATM, information of disaster and recent traffic info,” Rudiantara added.

The app can be downloaded for free via Playstore, however, until this article was published, the app is yet to be available on App Store for iPhone users.


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