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The reality makes you unthinkable.

  3 April 2024 02:45 - Fasting has many deep meanings and benefits in various aspects of life. Fasting is also a religious obligation for Muslims to teach self-discipline and devotion to God.

In addition, fasting also brings important moral and ethical benefits in everyday life . The practice of refraining from food and drink during fasting teaches self-control, patience, and empathy towards those less fortunate.

Fasting is not just a ritual of worship, but also a process of character formation and continuous moral improvement.

However, these fasting values are not visible in the TikTok video uploaded by the @bang_onooo account which shows the odd behavior of some of his friends. In the video, several friends of the TikTok account owner named Arief Laksono said that they fasted completely without ever breaking it.

However, Arief's video upload actually shows a different reality from what his friends said. The first friend Arief asked said that he had fasted completely. However, this is not in line with the photo uploaded in the video which shows him enjoying a fresh drink during the day.

Expectations are different from reality TikTok/@bang_onooo

photo: TikTok/@bang_onooo

"How do you fast completely?" said the man, quoted by , Tuesday (2/4).

His friend then answered this question confidently that he was fully fasting. "Thank God, it's full," said his friend.

Still with the same question, almost all the friends he asked answered that they were all fasting completely. However, again, the photo in the video upload shows a different fact.

Expectations are different from reality TikTok/@bang_onooo

photo: TikTok/@bang_onooo

"How much is the fast," said the man.

"Thank God, it's full," said his friend confidently.

The next friend was asked the same thing. However, this time he answered with a high level of confidence and sweet choice of words.

Expectations are different from reality TikTok/@bang_onooo

photo: TikTok/@bang_onooo

"Sir, how is your fasting this year, sir," said the man in the video.

"Thank God, if I don't fast, my heart will be restless," said his friend with full determination.

This hilarious video has been watched more than 751.8 thousand times and has been liked by 71.1 thousand people. Many netizens also left comments on the upload.

"Seems like it depends on upbringing from childhood and the environment too. If you don't get used to it, it will carry on like this until you grow up," said @afiq23741

Suddenly the video uploader responded to this statement with a relaxed answer.

"Don't be so serious, my brother...," said the account @bang_onooo.

"What's worse is that every time a friend of yours mokels there is a hole, bro," said the account @whoaa_cobaaa.

"Those who are 'anxious' immediately eat heavily," said the account @litlekingkong16.

"So afraid of mokel," wrote the account @fhikkaj.

@bang_onooo I hope this month can be kept away from all temptations, guys... #ramadan #fyp Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono - moshimo sound design

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