The real friendship is compact.

  4 Mei 2024 23:00 - Usually, gangs of friends often plan together or make arrangements to appear united as an entity. So, this is intended to make friendships more solid and help strengthen relationships between members. Apart from that, this method can also strengthen a sense of togetherness and show the seriousness of the friendship relationship.

That's what this female friendship gang did. This gang of friends consisting of several people makes plans together that are rarely thought of. The story can be seen via the TikTok video uploaded by the account @.greentea__.

Instead of agreeing to wear the same clothes when going out together or ordering similar food to look unified, this group of women actually promised to get pregnant together.

pregnant together with circle  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@.greentea__

Not just the two of them, all five of them conceived at the same time. As seen in the video, all their stomachs have enlarged. Even after everything was checked, the five of them were predicted to give birth in the same month, namely July.

"It's like the 5 of us promised to get pregnant together on HPL July," he wrote in the caption, quoted by , Saturday (4/5).

This aroused the curiosity of many netizens. Some people want to know the story behind the closeness of this gang of friends. One netizen asked an intimate question.

"To make it together with the anjir, it's calculated as 1 2 3 yak start," said the netizen, guessing.

pregnant together with circle  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@.greentea__

Whether it's just a joke or serious, the owner of the video answered with a quite surprising statement. He confirmed what the netizen said. The woman even revealed that the five of them had made a video call.

"Yes, uncle, that's right when you're a VC," he wrote.

From the time the video was posted until this article was written, the @.greentea__ account has been watched 1.9 million times. This story also went viral and attracted the attention of netizens. Many are still shocked because they have never encountered this kind of solidarity. Apart from that, they also provide comments in a joking tone.

"After giving birth, we won't be able to visit each other," said the account @lia_baiq.

"It's really funny, please don't take it out yet," commented the account @xxxnyl-adb.

pregnant together with circle  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@.greentea__

Apart from that, this moment also turned out to make many people jealous. Because out there, there are quite a few who are still struggling to have children . The netizen can only pray that this woman and her friend will remain healthy until birth.

"I'm sad because I, too, was a pregnant friend with four of us who survived. 1 of my friends died due to giving birth. Be healthy, you guys," said the account @kartiniiii26.

"I want to be jealous, but my husband says you have to be sincere and patient, maybe it's not the time yet," wrote the account @harahpnuy.