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The way of negotiation is quite unique.

  19 Mei 2024 14:00 - Accidents are undesirable and often cause major losses. Whether it is in material, physical or emotional form . That's what this man felt. The story can be seen in the TikTok video posted by the @ignorethisnotice account.

Seen in the video, a man is sitting on an old motorbike. He immediately became angry because the old vehicle was suddenly hit from behind. The perpetrators were two women using an automatic motorbike.

compensate using chocolate  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@ignorethisnotice

Of course, this moment could be said to be an accident. As the party who felt innocent, the man immediately became annoyed when he came to the two women. He intends to ask for responsibility.

It is stated in the video that the man suffered material losses of quite a large amount. Two of the motorbike's tires were immediately damaged. Likewise, the rear view mirror was broken and could not be saved.

"I was silent, Sis, I was hit from behind, what does that mean?"

compensate using chocolate  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@ignorethisnotice

Apart from material losses, the accident also caused physical injuries. The man's friend suffered injuries and was unable to join in the argument.

The two women tried to defend themselves, because they were also unable to avoid the accident. According to his statement, the road in the area was slippery. Because of this, the woman could not dodge and hit the man.

As the injured party, the man immediately asked for a sum of money. With an equally high pitched voice, the woman suddenly took out her wallet. All the money in the wallet was given as compensation.

You can see one piece of red money totaling Rp. 100 thousand. The remainder was small change, which was deemed insufficient to cover all losses. However, the woman said the rest would be paid via transfer method

"It's hilarious for only Rp. 100 thousand. Hahaha, don't you know how to maintain a classic motorbike, sis?" said the man.

compensate using chocolate  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@ignorethisnotice

Because he kept asking for compensation money while the woman no longer had any cash, the man was instead given two packs of chocolate snacks. This was intended so that the man would no longer insist on asking for compensation.

"I said I would enjoy Dilan Chocolate because my motorbike is an old classic," he said.

The debate continues until the end of the video. The man even intended to take this matter to the police station. Even though the woman had said the rest would be paid by transfer method.

This story also went viral and attracted the attention of netizens. Many people even laughed at the serious debate in the comments column.

"Even the former shopping receipt was given," said the account @lulubby.

"Wkwkwk, everything he had was given," commented the account @dipp.

"But if she were in her position, she would be so panicked, I would even give her a shopping receipt," wrote the account

"I didn't really expect Dilan's chocolate to compensate," said the @penghater kenjaku account

"The first time Dilan and Milea met started with a collision at Dilan Chocolate's compensation," said the account @666.

compensate using chocolate  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@ignorethisnotice

From the video being posted until this article was written, the @ignorethisnotice account has gathered 900,200 viewers. Apart from that, there were also 45,900 accounts that gave likes and 958 comments.

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