This sandwich generation can only have savings at the age of 31, because for 11 years they have to send their younger siblings to school, pay their parents' debts, and even pay for their own college fees.

  8 Juni 2024 02:00 - Saving is important because it helps individuals achieve financial stability and future security. By saving, a person can prepare themselves to face unexpected emergencies.

But apparently not everyone can do that. Because sometimes their salary runs out to meet their daily needs. Just like this person, he shares his struggles to be able to save via social media X with the account @tanyarlfess.

The person publishes the amount of his current savings. Not because he had any other intention, he just wanted to express his gratitude. Because it turns out that savings can only be obtained after going through various steep journeys.

He admitted that he had worked as an employee for 11 years. However, during that time he admitted that he could not save. Not without reason, because of the family's economic conditions, he was asked to be the backbone.

All needs are paid for through his salary. Be it your younger sibling's school, your parents' debt and also your own college costs. What he does is often called the sandwich generation .

saving at the age of 31 from various sources


It was only at the age of 31 that he was able to realize his intention to save . In this post he displays the amount of his savings which is IDR 8,660,972. He is well aware that this figure is small, especially since he has worked for 11 years.

However, he did not question the nominal. For him, being able to save despite his family's dire economic condition is already good. That's why he is quite happy with his savings.

" I don't want to show off. I want to be grateful. After working for more than 11 years, I became a gene sandwich. Send my little brother to school, pay off my parents' debts, go to college using my own money and pay off this and that. Finally, at the age of 31, I can have savings, even though it's only this amount. But I'm happy, okay? ," wrote the post

saving at the age of 31 from various sources

photo: X/@tanyarlfess

This post received various reactions from netizens. Many congratulated him because it was indeed a good achievement. Netizens pray for him to live a blessed life.

" Your savings will be bigger in the afterlife, bro ," wrote

" It's not easy to be a sandwich generation. Greetings to those of you who were chosen by God to support your parents and younger siblings ," banyu_biru1819.

" Wow, cool, don't forget to set aside investment for your neck and above ," said the account @temanenglish

" Indeed, someone's happiness is different, so respect each person's expression ," commented the account @krsmsrio.

" That's called the definition of gratitude. Because actually the blessings that Allah gives are whatever the number or whatever Allah gives. If we are grateful for the blessings, that is the result of gratitude ," concluded @nuub_masterboy.