foto: TikTok/@kikikusni

Sometimes, odd homecoming moments like this will become hilarious memories when you're old.

  15 April 2024 22:29 - Eid homecoming is a tradition that is highly anticipated by Indonesian people. This is the time when millions of people flock back to their hometowns to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with their families.

Apart from that, the Eid homecoming is also the most eagerly awaited meeting with family. After months or even years apart because of their respective busy lives, all family members gather to share stories and happiness.

There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing a usually quiet house become lively and full of laughter again. This joy becomes even more meaningful because it is carried out in an atmosphere of victory after a full month of fasting.

This was also experienced by the owner of the TikTok account @kikikusni who shared his excitement when returning home for Eid. He was seen using a 4-wheeled vehicle to go home to his hometown.

However, there is something slightly different compared to other 4-wheeled vehicles for travelers. Usually travelers only bring necessary items when returning home, but not this account owner named Kiki Kusni. There seemed to be a lot of various items filling the inside of the car.

Going home feels like moving TikTok/@kikikusni

photo: TikTok/@kikikusni

"How are you ready?," he said in the video, quoted by , Monday (15/4).

It wasn't just things like clothes that were brought, there were also tree plants that went into the car. From the video you can see that the car is crowded and full because of the large amount of luggage.

Going home feels like moving TikTok/@kikikusni

photo: TikTok/@kikikusni

"Wow, it's extraordinary that you brought it like this, brought everything," said the man.

It was also seen that he was not going home alone but with a driver, a mother and a man who was younger than him. Even though they had to be cramped in the car, this family still seemed happy to travel back and forth.

Going home feels like moving TikTok/@kikikusni

photo: TikTok/@kikikusni

"What do you think, ready?" said the man as he moved his camera towards the steering wheel of the car. It looks like he is getting ready to take the car on its next journey.

From the time the post was uploaded until this article was written, the video has been watched 367.6 thousand times. Many netizens also shared stories similar to what the video uploader felt in the comments column.

"Seriously asking... if you go home it's really like this... all the trees are brought...," said the account @nana.fitrianaa.

"My parents also bring chickens, plants, cow dung fertilizer when they go home, just imagine what it smells like in the car," wrote the account @fairywings29.

"I once went home from Ambon to Solo, all the sago, palm sugar, salted fish, dried squid, orange fish, all the ketiplek in one," wrote the account @user4738003085225

"Oh, I remember coming home from home with dirt," said the account @nidsmh.

"Bring durian seeds to the village, hoping that next year they will bear fruit and you can bring durian souvenirs from the village, an interesting investment," wrote the account @panduwcksno14.


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