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The real fortune won't go anywhere.

  15 April 2024 21:25 - The concept of good fortune that cannot be changed is an understanding in many beliefs. This understanding which assumes that good fortune cannot be exchanged is also found in the Islamic religion.

Islam states that a person's fortune or fate has been determined by God and will not be confused with anyone else's. This concept teaches that everyone has confidence and peace of mind regarding the distribution of fortune that has been determined.

This encourages individuals to try their best to seek good fortune, but at the same time not be too worried or anxious because they believe that what is rightfully theirs will not go to someone else.

The concept of good fortune not being exchanged can also be seen in the video shared by the TikTok account @bgzi04. The account owner was seen fishing at a palm oil plantation. At the same time, a grandfather who was familiarly known as Mbah Romo was also seen standing nearby, fishing casually.

"Anglers looking for fish, fish looking for anglers," wrote the man's caption on the video, quoted by , Monday (15/4).

The definition of good fortune will not be confused TikTok/@bgzi04

photo: TikTok/@bgzi04

In the video, this man states that he salutes Mbah Romo's good fortune. How could it not be, even though he only used an old wooden fishing rod, Mbah Romo managed to catch quite a few fish. Apart from just using what equipment he has, Mbah Romo can also be seen fishing casually while leaning on his motorbike.

"Ma'am, please help me, for the residents of the six-mile high cliff, it's impossible if you don't know Mr. Romo, right? This fishing rod in the flood waters is scratchy but it doesn't stop striking," said the man with a laugh.

The man continued that he and his friends could not catch a single fish even though they were located next to Mbah Romo.

"The three of us near here, Mr Romo, were not even touched, the reason was that there was water and there were fish but we couldn't get any fish," he added in the video, laughing.

The definition of good fortune will not be confused TikTok/@bgzi04

photo: TikTok/@bgzi04

In a slightly annoyed tone, the account owner, whose name is unknown, expressed his disappointment because he did not catch any fish even though the fishing location was very wide.

"We can't even get one from end to end of this PT, hundreds of hectares, we just use palm oil handles here," said the man in the video while pointing the camera at Mbah Romo's fishing rod.

The man took the fishing rod from Grandfather Romo while being amazed by the results the grandfather got. He said that the results obtained by Mbah Romo were no less than 2 kilograms of fish.

The definition of good fortune will not be confused TikTok/@bgzi04

photo: TikTok/@bgzi04

"There is water, there are fish, uhh... there are even 2 kilos here haa... hahaha," he said again, pointing the fish in front of his friend while laughing in astonishment.

The man also said that he was a silent witness to the many fish that approached Mr. Romo's fishing rod. He also thought that Mbah Romo had magical skills because he could bring in lots of fish.

The definition of good fortune will not be confused TikTok/@bgzi04

photo: TikTok/@bgzi04

"I was a silent witness, yes, the fish seemed to come by itself... well, look, the fish is eating again hahahah...," said the man.

This video immediately became the spotlight of netizens and has been watched more than 1.9 million times. The comments column appears to be filled with various responses from netizens. Many people want to become mbah Romo's students .

"It's a joke, bro, can you share the trick," said the account @yumnasinare01.

"Mbah Romo is a mysterious angler," wrote the account @jerryhannafy.

"Mr Father, I also have a blue Revo injection, take me as your student, don't want to know me, I'm free all day," wrote the account @oimpenyu.

"Mbah Rono uses the science of "SILENCE", quietly bringing home 5 kg," said the account @i_sabeni

"Like my late father, in the past, when fishing, he would definitely be able to continue even though he only used bamboo, whereas his other friends used real/casting & cork rigs, but my late father was the one who got Al-Fatihah for the deceased," said the account @berkahfarm7.


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