You can actively clean the ocean, simply by swimming in it!

  26 Mei 2016 13:47 - Researchers at the university of Riverside in California have created a very special kind of bathing suit: one with which you can actively clean the ocean with, simply by swimming in it!

The spongesuit is made out of a material that absorbs virtually everything. Recyclable and porous, it is a derivative from saccharose and it gorges it-self on all the polluting elements in the water. It can absorb up to 25 times its weight, without rejecting anything in the water and completely avoiding contact with the skin

The concept is quite simple: there are several pads, a type of small cushions, inside of the bathing suit that act like tampons, setting up a trap for the polluting dusts. Once the pads are full, they can be recycled and replaced by new ones.

Here is a short video that explains how the bathing suit functions:

The architecture and design company Eray Carbajo together with its partners Gonzalo Carbajo, Inanc Eray and Pinar Guvenc, was initially designing a material to clean up oil spills or to desalinize water. In the end, they ended up creating this extraordinary Sponge material that won the first place in the international design competition Reshape 2015, and is being considered as of the most promising techniques invented recently.

There are many other innovations that will hopefully help to make the oceans as clean as they used to be. Among those, there is the Jugaad, a very small device installed at strategic points to clean all the toxic elements discharged in the ocean. The Ocean Cleanup project launched by young engineer Boyan Slat aims to collect 99.9% of the waste presents in the ocean, along with many other projects of which most are still awaiting the necessary funds to be properly developed.



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