The true solution for uphill or far distance tracks.

  2 Juni 2016 15:08 - While people are on a race to apply an environmental-friendly and healthy lifestyle, riding a bike is one of the solutions for transportation that supports both trends. But sometimes the uphill tracks or far distance has people avoiding the bike and opting for less exhausting transportation modes. The Kickstarter project GeoOrbital wheel can be an answer to this.

Instead of buying a whole new e-bicycle, the Patent Pending GeoOrbital wheel can replace only your favourite old bikes front tire and has geared it up with the Brushless DC motor power. It can speed up your ride to 32 km/h (20 mph) that goes up for 80 km (50 miles) per charging with manual pedaling. The tire is made from flat-proof solid foam that will not be affected by nails or other sharp objects and wont need pumping.

The Panasonic 36 Volt Li-ion battery is attached on the aerospace-grade aluminum unibody as the spokes of the wheel, and is easily removable for charging. It even serves as a massive power bank to charge mobile device, bike light or a speaker upon riding. The 17-20 pounds wheels are compatible to any bicycle with 26-inch or 700C (28-29 inch front wheel) that use rim brakes and takes only 60-seconds for installing.

GeoOrbital wheel  2016

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Behind the innovation is a team of 3 men calling themselves rocket scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and engineering experts that had involved in the making of spacecraft with SpaceX, electric vehicles with Ford and micro-businesses with the Peace Corps. The project was initially started on November 2014 with 6 prototypes along the way. They reduced the weight, part count, and cost in half from the first model, while increasing safety and reliability.

GeoOrbital wheel  2016

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With the Kickstarter, GeoOrbital had raise over USD 900,000 from more than 1,250 project-backers and planned to be sold for public from USD 699 in August 2016. If the USD 1 million goal is to be reached, the inventors promise anti-theft wheel axle to come with quick release and security skewers, besides the additional wheel colours (silver, white, red, black, blue and green), rear lane projecting back light, and wheel carry bag upon each wheel purchase.



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