As the name of the plate implies, the holes will absorb the equivalence of one and a half teaspoon of the oil contained in the meal.

  25 Mei 2016 13:58 - It is one of the finest cuisine in the world, however it is also cooked with huge amounts of oil. With the second highest obesity rate of South-East Asia, Thailands population is facing a lot of health issues, for the most part related to food. One of Thais food characteristic being indeed the great quantity of fried dishes.

In association with the communication agency BBDO Bangkok, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation came up with the idea to promote an ingenious system. Together, they were aiming to solve the health problems that the Thais are facing. A radical change of dietarys behaviour could obviously not be a solution, thus came the question of how to encourage Thais to eat healthier without hindering upon their traditions.

The AbsorbPlate looks just like a regular plate, apart from the 500 tiny little holes pierced in it. The holes are the key. As the name of the plate implies, the holes will absorb the equivalence of one and a half teaspoon (7 ml) of the oil contained in the meal.

Absorb Plate  2016

Image via cosmopolitan

This amounts to eliminate 30 calories, which can seem negligible compared to the quantity we consume on average. About 2000 is the recommended quantity by nutritionists, yet one single Pad Thai is already half the quantity (roughly 940 calories per portion). However, if used on a regular basis for example 3 times a day in a whole week, you could reach a loss of 630 calories, or the equivalent of one hamburger, which is already better than nothing!

Perfectly applicable to Mie goreng and other Indonesians traditional dishes, the plate has already been launched as a trial, thousands of plates have been distributed to local restaurant in Thailand and should soon be available for online sale and spread all over South-East Asia.



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