His acting talent helped this man convince tourists that he was a real beggar.

  26 Maret 2024 03:25 - Working as an actor doesn't always promise fantastic income. Sometimes big income actually comes from unexpected work. As experienced by an actor from China named Lu Jingang below.

The story went viral because the actor chose to change his mind and become a beggar at a tourist spot, instead of continuing his career as an actor. He was begging in the Millennium City Park area, Kaifeng, Henan, Central China. He has been doing this work for the last 12 years.

As a form of totality in begging, he was willing to dress simply and dirty his face and body. His talent in the world of acting also helped him carry out the profession of begging. Not a few people believe that Lu Jingang with his shabby face is really a real beggar.

success as a beggar at a tourist spot  2024


People who passed by were willing to dig into their pockets to give him money or food. According to, it was reported that Lu Jingang's income even reached 70,000 yuan or the equivalent of IDR 152 million a month. Meanwhile in China, the average employee's monthly salary is around 29,000 yuan or the equivalent of IDR 63 million.

With this fantastic income , Lu Jingang has practically become one of the people with the most income even at the Asian level, referring to Time Doctor. Lu said that he chose to pursue a career as a beggar because he wanted to try new things. For him, it is not a problem to appear pitiful in public.

At the start of this profession, his family banned him. Because the income was promising, the Lu family finally changed their minds. Currently, Lu is used to dressing up and acting as a beggar.

success as a beggar at a tourist spot  2024


Lu Jingang's viral story made other people think about turning to beggars. However, as a man who has been in this profession for more than a decade, Lu warns people not to take up a similar profession carelessly.

"He is happier than me, I am the real beggar," said someone quoted from

"I want to quit my job and become a beggar," said another person.

Lu Jingang admits that being a beggar is not a pleasant job. The reason is, he has to face hot weather, sometimes cold or rainy. Not to mention, the not always good treatment tourists may receive when begging.