After the case of Mr. RT giving a love letter before tarawih, now there is a similar case from an ustaz whose contents of the letter caused a stir.

  21 Maret 2024 15:44 - Ramadan is a month full of worship. One of them is the tarawih prayer after the Isha prayer, which is carried out in congregation at the nearest mosque or prayer room.

But, what happens if you, who are focused on worship , suddenly encounter an unexpected event that makes you think. Like the incident that recently went viral on social media, a woman was suddenly given a letter containing an invitation to get married.

After previously going viral, a girl was given a letter by Mr. RT after returning from tarawih prayers, this time there is another story shared by a girl on her TikTok account @rushkisses__.

This viral post tells the story of a girl who received a surprise after returning home from tarawih prayers. Instead of an attractive gift or pleasant news, the surprise was an invitation to get married.

Interestingly, it was not a random man who asked the girl to marry, but an ustaz at the mosque where the girl usually prayed tarawih prayers.

The story became increasingly viral and became the topic of discussion among netizens after it was re-shared by the Instagram account @abouthetic. In the upload, the girl started her story with a question, why in the end she didn't want to go to tarawih in congregation anymore.

"Why don't you want to do tarawih anymore?," he wrote in the upload caption, quoted by , Thursday (21/3).

Give a letter to a girl after Tarawih TikTok

photo: TikTok/@rushkisses__

The girl then explained why she felt traumatized by tarawih at the regular mosque. Even though Ramadan has just entered its second week.

The story begins when the girl has just returned from the mosque after performing tarawih prayers. As soon as she arrived home, the girl received a WhatsApp message from her friend named Vita.

Vita said that she received a letter from the ustaz addressed to her.

"Sis, Ustad Zakir left a letter for you," said Vita to the girl.

The girl thought she had received a letter regarding assistance for orphans managed by the mosque. However, Vita said she did not know the contents of the letter which was put in a brown envelope.

Give a letter to a girl after Tarawih TikTok

photo: TikTok/@rushkisses__

Feeling curious, the girl then asked for the letter to be photographed and sent to her. At first glance, the letter does not appear to be an official letter because it uses notebook paper. The girl was even more curious because official letters from ustaz were usually typed using plain white HVS paper .

How shocked the girl was when she read the letter the ustaz sent to her. It is true that the letter was from an ustaz. But the contents really made the girl unable to stop thinking. The reason is, the ustaz in his letter intended to ask her to become his wife, aka asking the girl to get married.

So, what made the girl even more shocked was that the ustaz wanted to make her his second wife. In the letter, the ustaz mentioned his strengths. Apart from being an ustaz, he will treat his two wives fairly.

Give a letter to a girl after Tarawih TikTok

photo: TikTok/@rushkisses__

Instantly, this girl felt uncomfortable. As a result, he decided to no longer perform tarawih at the mosque and moved.

"I think this ustad is nervous. I don't want to do tarawih in that mosque anymore," he wrote in a chat with Vita accompanied by a crying emoticon.

However, Vita also teased the girl by saying that the ustaz's method was romantic because he expressed it in a letter.

"But it's romantic to use a letter like that," replied Vita.

However, for the girl, the way the ustaz did it was not romantic at all. He even felt very annoyed.

"Your father!" wrote the girl who owns the account.

Give a letter to a girl after Tarawih TikTok

photo: TikTok/@rushkisses__

This upload is very popular and has been watched by netizens up to 10.4 million times. Many netizens highlighted the story of the girl's experience in their various responses in the comments column. Not a few people were provoked into sharing their stories because they experienced the same incident.

"Isn't it rude if I say that people like to marry like this don't deserve to be ustad?! Chasing heaven but you can't guard your eyes and heart. You should be embarrassed. Poor wife too," wrote the account owner @me._vlrie.

"Sis, it's still better to be with the ustadz. I was once offered to be the second wife of a green bean porridge maker," said @d.yovitaa, who shared her experience which was no less strange.

"Sis, I've been like this too! Because one of my Koran teachers posted a video of his students reciting the Koran and there I was highlighted, and one of my teacher's boarding friends chatted and said that I wanted to be his second wife and ready to wait for me to graduate from school. VERY SCARED," wrote the account @ameng_aja12 which also shared the story.

"I've been in a situation like this. From the beginning he kept chatting because I didn't respond, and suddenly he came straight to the house with his wife and small child. Can you imagine how his wife felt? And there I never wanted to "I left everything to my parents to find him. Thank God my parents were able to deal with it wisely so they never had to deal with that ustad again," wrote @cinnamonbear_23.

"I've been like this too. I was the MC at the campus musabaqah competition. He competed in the tartil competition, if I'm not mistaken, and won 1st place. When he took the award certificate, he gave me a letter and said he wanted to apply. Wow, how could this be possible," added the account. @maswwh0428.

"If I were to reply with a letter it would also say 'idih unclean'," said the account owner @hhsanna.