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Feng shui provides its own energy that has a positive impact on the lives of its residents.

  11 Juni 2024 07:21

Brilio.net - According to National Geographic, feng shui is a science that originates from ancient China. This science is used to organize buildings, objects and rooms in an environment to achieve harmony and balance which brings peace and prosperity to life.

For Chinese people, feng shui provides its own energy which has a positive impact on the lives of its residents. Well, the word feng shui itself is divided into two origins, namely feng means wind or direction while shui means water.

This science is used by the Chinese people to regulate the flow of yin and yang energy or qi which is believed to provide a balance between positive and negative energy. So how do you arrange a feng shui style home garden?

Come on, take a look at the complete review of how to arrange a home garden using feng shui style, as reported by brilio.net from various sources on Monday (10/6).

How to arrange a home garden using feng shui style .

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1. It's best to use feng shui elements in your home garden.

In your home garden, you should add all the feng shui elements, namely the wood element, fire element, earth element and water element. On the wood element you can plant shade trees; the fire element by arranging for plants to be properly exposed to sunlight; the earth element, namely adding small reliefs or ceramics in the garden; then add white flowers for the metal element; and the water element, namely a small fountain in the garden.

2. Add a walkway.

If the garden is large, make a small path with a curved shape. The science of feng shui believes that evil spirits usually walk in a straight line, so to ward off evil spirits you have to make a winding path.

3. Make sure the tree branches do not touch the house.

If your garden is large and shady, it is best not to let tree branches touch the roof or windows of your house. In the science of feng shui, arranging a home garden, such as cutting twigs, will make it easier for sunlight to enter. If it is difficult for sunlight to enter the house, it is believed that the tree rating can reduce the positive energy entering the house.

4. Avoid plants in even numbers.

One of the important tips for arranging a home garden using feng shui style is related to plants. So, if you plant plants, you should avoid grouping the plants in even numbers. You can group plants into a group with three or five types of plants.

5. Arrange ornamental plants that bring good luck.

Ornamental plants with bright colors can provide positive energy in the house. Bright colors always bring good luck to its residents. For example, orchids, chrysanthemums, lotus, white magnolia, and so on.

6. Use a wooden chair.

It is better to use wooden chairs in the garden, because wooden chairs are related to the wood element which is believed to provide fertility and wealth to its occupants.

7. Add decorative lights.

So that your garden doesn't look gloomy at night, you should add decorative lighting ornaments. Light is believed to be a positive element in home arrangement. This energy is believed to bring good luck to its owner.

Benefits of applying feng shui in arranging your home.

How to arrange a feng shui home garden  2024 freepik.com

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1. Believed to improve health and well-being.

Feng Shui can help create a healthier environment by improving the flow of energy (chi) in the home. Good arrangement can reduce stress, improve mood, and provide a sense of calm to residents.

2. Trigger harmony in the family.

The science of feng shui believes that the appropriate arrangement of elements can create a balanced and harmonious energy flow, thereby helping reduce conflict between family members.

3. Make you more productive and creative.

The placement of certain elements can stimulate positive energy that supports intellectual and professional activities. It's not surprising that feng shui principles can increase focus, productivity and creativity

4. Brings good luck.

Feng Shui is believed to influence aspects of life such as career, finances and certain opportunities. So, by arranging the house according to this principle, the positive energy that comes can support good luck for the home owner.

5. Can help improve sleep quality.

The science of feng shui regulates all aspects of a room, including rooms. Arranging a bedroom with Feng Shui can create a calm and comfortable environment, thereby helping improve sleep quality.

6. Generate more positive energy (Chi).

Feng Shui aims to increase the flow of positive energy in the home. By arranging the layout of furniture, colors and decorations according to Feng Shui principles. The reason is that the house can become a place that is more energetic and full of vitality.

An important element in feng shui science.

How to arrange a feng shui home garden  2024 freepik.com

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1. Wood, namely the wood element, symbolizes growth, creativity and expansion.

2. Fire is the fire element symbolizing energy, passion and transformation. The colors associated with the fire element are red, orange, purple, pink, and bright yellow.

3. Next there is the earth element which symbolizes stability, reliability and practicality in life.

4. Metal means an element that describes clarity and efficiency in life.

5. Lastly, there is the water element which depicts calm, reflection and smoothness.