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The story made many netizens sing too~

  11 Juni 2024 06:45 - Receiving a delivery from parents in the village is often a very pleasant moment. Especially if we have restrained ourselves from feeling hungry or wanting to buy something. At the very least, this also connects a person to their parents because of the form of attention and affection.

However, there were also those who were actually sad and felt bad about the post. It could be because it feels burdensome and just a burden. That's what this woman from NTT felt.

The woman named Aner shared a video in which she opened a post from parents in the village. However, his story attracted public attention. This story was reported by via the account @aner_0404.

show parents' posts once every 5 months  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@aner_0404

There were several forms of money lying on the floor. It is known that it was the one sent from his parents. A white envelope is thought to increase his enthusiasm to study hard and achieve success.

"When I got a delivery from my parents in the village," he said.

Nowadays, money transfers are no longer in physical form, because of the presence of conventional banks. Many parents choose to send money via account number. But not with Aner, he was directly sent physical money.

It seems that not only was it in paper form, he was also sent money in the form of coins. Wrapped in transparent plastic, the coins look neatly arranged.

show parents' posts once every 5 months  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@aner_0404

He also opened the white envelope. It contained banknotes with various denominations. Not only Rp. 50 thousand, there are also Rp. 10 thousand denominations and others. There is even a separate piece of paper that also contains money.

It turned out that it was the mother's money that had been searched for and had not been exchanged. Apart from money, he was also sent rice and other things to save money. His parents put all the shipments in a sack. The mother works daily as a cracker seller.

show parents' posts once every 5 months  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@aner_0404

Due to limited access they also communicate via letters. Aner said that only once every 5 months he was sent money. Therefore, according to him, he must take great pains to save.

"My mother sent me to my 5-month-old sister. So when I went to campus, I also walked home on foot," he wrote.

"Yes, brother, eee. I saw that I was crying all the time because my mother was writing a letter because I didn't have a cell phone," he continued.

The woman also said that currently she only has her mother. Therefore, the money will be very grateful. Aner is also determined to study as well as possible until he is successful.

This story is in the spotlight and has attracted the attention of netizens. Many were also moved and gave him encouragement in the comments column.

"I once asked my mother to send 100k in money in the village, then the next day she said "God willing, I'll try it" then the next day the money was sent but the money was in denominations of 10k, 20k, 5k or 2 thousand, so it was a lot, there I felt really guilty "Because of my needs, mother has to collect all the money, just for me," said the account @mkrminn_

"I'm so jealous of people whose parents are fighting for college fees so their children can continue their education. I'm already studying, but I'm working and I feel really tired," wrote the account @E.pramezz.

"Why am I crying, even though we don't know each other, I feel like I've been slapped so hard to see him, I'm not grateful, apparently there are still lots of things that are more difficult, I was sent in 1 week, 7 hundred is still not enough, God," said the account @andi

"Sis? Very happy, they have high hopes for you," wrote a netizen.

show parents' posts once every 5 months  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@aner_0404

From the video being posted until this article was written, the @aner_0404 account has gathered 392,100 viewers. Apart from that, there were also 21.4 thousand accounts that gave likes and 793 comments.

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