foto: TikTok/@agzstwn13

From selling mineral water in the middle of the job interview queue, this applicant earned hundreds of thousands.

  11 Juni 2024 06:25 - Finding work nowadays is difficult, especially if there is not just one competitor, but almost thousands. For example, the number of BUMN and CPNS applicants is increasing every year. But it's not just those two vacancies, several companies that hold walk-in interviews are also often filled with lots of applicants lining up, you know.

As seen in the video shared by the TikTok account @agzstwn13. Through his uploaded video, he shared the moment he took part in a walk-in interview at a cellphone buying and selling company. From the caption, the account owner included the hashtag PS Store, which is thought to be the place where he conducted the job interview.

In the video, you can see prospective workers who are willing to wait their turn for an interview under the hot sun. There are those who sit, but quite a few also have to stand. Seeing these conditions, the account owner named Agus Setiawan had an idea that not many people thought about.

Instead of sitting quietly waiting for his turn, Agus actually took advantage of the situation to make a profit . Seeing a business opportunity before his eyes, the man chose to sell mineral water instead of just waiting.

This applicant takes advantage of the moment while waiting for the interview  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@agzstwn13

" Sit while waiting for the interview to start (cross mark) Selling Aqua while waiting for the interview to start (checklist mark), " he wrote in the video, quoted by on Tuesday (11/6).

Wearing a white shirt and black trousers, he was very enthusiastic about selling mineral water to other prospective workers. The mineral water is sold for IDR 5,000 per bottle. According to his confession, he managed to sell three cartons of mineral water, each box containing 24 bottles of mineral water.

Who would have thought, from these sales he got IDR 360 thousand. He expressed this when one of the netizens asked how much the mineral water he sells costs.

" Wow, it's cool how much you get, bro... don't be so expensive, poor thing, you're looking for work, bro ," asked the account, stay alive.

" Sold for 5k, 1 box contains 24. Sells up to 3 boxes 72 bottles x 5k = 360 thousand hehe ," he answered.

This applicant takes advantage of the moment while waiting for the interview  TikTok

photo: TikTok/@agzstwn13

Because he looked so thorough with his preparations, who would have thought that Agus would actually admit that he had no intention of selling. Seeing the opportunities that existed, his business spirit was in turmoil. Agus also bought the mineral water he sold at a shop near the location where he was conducting the interview.

"Wow, no, it was just a coincidence that the opportunity came up, so I took the initiative to try selling water, but it turns out it was sold by a lot of people," he wrote in response to a question from one netizen who questioned his preparations for selling.

First uploaded on June 7 2024, Agus' upload also received attention and was watched hundreds of thousands of times. Thousands of responses were left by TikTok users in the comments column.

Many were amazed by Agus' way of thinking in seeing opportunities . Not a few also advised the company where he applied to immediately accept him as a marketing team.

" And in the end, when you bought Aqua 5K, you received it... marketing success, " wrote the account @fajri.wicaksana.

" This person should have accepted it straight away, because he has already got his marketing soul, " said the account @zero____to____hero.

HRD: Please state your last work experience
"He: selling mineral water in front of your company while everyone was queuing for interviews, " said the account @asa1922.

" This is a business idea for 2024, what a crowd, " commented the account @kudabesi2tak.

" Well, this is what is called diving and drinking water, " responded the account @tamzizazi770.

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