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Another day, another attack on our digital way of living.

Andry Trysandy Mahany   01 July 2017 10:10

A new ransomware virus called Petya is now attacking global companies. It is similar to WannaCry that attacked many computers since May 13.

As cited from PUSFID UII’s press release, the new variations of Petya keep on popping up, one of them is known as Petwrap.

Petya ransomware reportedly has spread from Europe to US and South America, but the concentration of its early spreading was detected mostly in Russia and Ukraine.

Temporary data from numbers of computer security analyst show more than 2,000 computers from around 80 companies in Russia and Ukraine have been infected by Petya ransomware since June 27.

Just like the WannaCry virus, the files in computers infected by Petya will be locked and cannot be used. To open the key, users infected by the virus has to pay $300 ransom in forms of bitcoins.

A numbers of harbor operators in New York, Rotterdam and Argentina, including Kiev government system have been the victims of the virus. Others are big companies such as Rosneft, Maersk and WPP Plc.

Indonesian government through Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Internet Infrastructure (ID-SIRTII) claimed to have actively monitored the development of Petya in the country and prepared mitigation steps to minimize the numbers of victims.

ID-SIRTII team has notified internet provider companies and public about Petya and how to anticipate it.

Ministry of Communication and Informatics also warned computer users to anticipate Petya virus by conducting some anticipation steps.

Step one, turn off internet connection such as Wi-Fi or LAN before turning on the computer or server. Make sure that all data are safe.

Next, move data from the computer to non-Windows operation system such as Linux or Mac. You can also do it by moving the data to separate media storage.

For information technology administrator, you can continue it by other technical steps such as updating the security on your Windows by renewing the patch MS17-010 released by Microsoft.

It is better to update by downloading the file patch using regular computer, not using the computer that has important role. Update your antivirus and make sure it has anti-ransomware classification.

If you need to consult, you can contact Aries K from Directorate General of Informatics Applications on 08567236183 or Didien from ID-SIRTII on 08119936071.

You may also contact Acting Head of Ministry of Communication and Information’s PR on 08119781518 or 021-31925551 and 021-31935556 (working time only).


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