No more excuse for you to skip the prayers.

Tunggul Kumoro   17 June 2017 09:30

Google has launched an application that will help Muslim to find the right direction whenever they want to pray, Monday. It is the Qibla Finder, an augmented reality-based app that will point users toward the Kaaba.

Kiblat or Qibla is the direction that every Muslim faces when performing prayer. It is fixed to the direction of the most sacred site in Islam, the Kaaba of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

There are indeed several Qibla-finding apps on the store, but this one is promised to give easier search and access experience. The app is launched to make everything simpler for users to find the direction to pray towards wherever they are in the world, according to Najeeb Jarrar, Google product marketing manager for the Middle East and North Africa on a press release.

The app is accessible via mobile browsers and once users enable the app to identify their location, the service will be fully available no matter what their phone is. On Android devices, the app will use the augmented reality to display a line that will point to Kaaba in the imagery the phone camera sees. However, the imagery features is unavailable in iOS.

Qibla Finder is also accessible from a desktop computer. Users are required to visit to let the app to gainaccess to the device's location.

More features reportedly will be available after Ramadan. You can find more details and update about this app on Google's Ramadan Hub.



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