foto: YouTube/Salshabilla TV; Instagram/@salshabillaadr

Salshabilla Adriani's apartment type is a one room room.

  10 Juli 2024 20:25

Salshabilla Adriani and Ibrahim Risyad officially married on Sunday (7/7). Previously, their relationship had caused controversy.

Ibrahim was reportedly engaged to Dewi Paramita before finally getting close to Salshabilla. Nevertheless, Salshabilla and Ibrahim's wedding went smoothly and solemnly.

Some time ago Salshabilla showed her independence living in an apartment alone. His apartment type is a one room room.

Even so, the spatial arrangement is still comfortable with each function such as a room and a kitchen even though the room is one. Instead of being curious, take a look at the portrait compiled by from YouTube Salshabilla TV on Wednesday (10/7).