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The supernatural world knows no limitations. Some government officials have been known to be the client of Asvi’s Ghost Hunter team.

  02 November 2015 18:00 - Fikri shuddered soon as he saw the sight of a long-haired woman in the photo. In the beginning, no one knows the woman who suddenly appeared among his friends in the picture. Later, he and his friend who lives in a boarding house just realized there was no woman in the living room of their boarding house located at Jalan Efendi, Yogyakarta where the picture was taken in 2002.They all paused and concluded that she was a ghost.

The photo of the female ghost also reaffirms the suspicions of previous a tenant who admitted to often see a woman’s shadow passing by. Initially, this ‘invisible occupant’ was only a rumor until the photo revealed everything.

“I called my friend who’s familiar with such situations and he told me that indeed there was a female ghost in that house. I gave him a call, he came and performed a ritual and the house was sterilized,” said Fikri to, Sunday (22/2).

For those who believe, Fikri’s story could be an example in the existence of supernatural beings. Stories like this is what’s made some people form a makeshift Ghost Hunter or Ghostbusters group. They provide ghost exorcism services for various buildings, just like what is offered by Hafiss Anwar in Ciracas, East Jakarta.

Hafiss’s exorcism business was established in 2011 and it has become quite popular. He has said to take on any requests, even from abroad. He recentlyhad clients from Singapore, Malaysia, and India while his local clients mostly come from Jakarta. Many of them ask him to clean out their housesor shops.

He said that this exorcism could be performed through short or long distance. “Usually, our clientsare people who has moved into a new house. Sometimes, there are spiritual interference, especially in old houses. There are several types of supernatural beings: some have stayed for a long time while the rest could be someone’s misdeed,” Hafiss said.

Hafiss continued, “If the ghost is a ‘shipment’, usually it happens in a business place like shops. In these cases, our clients want sterilize their business place to minimize the interference.”

Ghost repellant services for domestic and abroad is also provided by Asvi Airlangga. His business which was established in mid-2013 does not discriminate in terms of clients,no matter what their background is. With the advent of the internet, Asvi’s exorcism services have greatly grown.

He claimed to have dozens of clients from abroad. Through his experience of being a spiritual facilitator, Asvi Airlangga was shocked when discovering one of his clients is from Europe, specifically from Belgium. This client of his was complaining about his haunted house.

“The condition was very negative at the first. There were about 50 foreign clients,” said Asvi. His Belgian client contacted him via email and telephone.

From Asvi’s house in Yogyakarta, the spiritual facilitator team performed the neutralization and imposed positive energy remotely. The ghost sterilization process took up to four months. “Twice directly to the house, then four months to the client’s mindset. It was intended to reaffirm the energy of positive thinking,” said Asvi.

At that time, his client admitted to know of ghost repelling services through internet. On the page of their site, there are also hundreds of testimonials from clients through the largest networking community forum in Indonesia. “All of the testimonies come from my clients. They are legit and could be immediately checked,” said Asvi.

The supernatural world knows no limitations.Some government officials have been known to be the client of Asvi’s Ghost Hunter team, just like several high-ranking officials in Surabaya, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. “I could not explain further about it,” said the man who is still single.

Most ghost exorcisms in a house is indeed just a play on one’s mindset. When there is a ‘shipment’ of negative energy or low-dimensional beings settled in the house, it could be overcome with positive energy as well. “The hardest part is to make our clients be a better person, because black magic like a santet (witchcraft) or whatever it is could mean that we just have done something bad to someone consciously or unconsciously,” Asvi said.

Asvi now owns the Nusantara Agency in Condong Catur, Yogyakarta, which is promoted to be a place to learn positive energy.


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