Many people are starting to lose the value of disposing trash properly.

  31 Oktober 2015 15:30 - Whats would come to mind when you are asked about the environment? Most of you may think about clean and green parks without any garbage. However, a different set of ideas come to mind for a group of young folks in the Uwuh Community.

Uwuh Community is an environmental organization that engages the community in proper garbage disposal. Todays, many people are starting to lose the value of cleanliness and hygiene.

The focus of this community is to help getting rid of the garbage littered left after events that are held in Jogja. If other environmental communities usually identify themselves with a green color scheme, we prefer to use a magenta color scheme. Weve selected this color intentionally in order to look different and eye catching when we are at an event, said Farhan, a member of the Uwuh Community to, Thursday, (20/8).

Farhan also elaborated that members would come in first and collect litter. It will then be handed over to proper garbage pickers.