Remember when the Deputy Governor-elect said that his housing plan is for those with Rp 7 million monthly salary? There's another change. Again.

Petra Hapsari   17 July 2017 17:20

Questions and public confusion emerged after Jakarta Deputy Governor-Elect Sandiaga Uno mentioned that his proposed housing plan with zero down payment is only for those with Rp 7-10 million monthly income.

Sandiaga stated on June 11, “We need to make sure whether they can pay. Because the category for the zero rupiah down payment [program is for [those with] around Rp 7 million to Rp 10 million monthly income. If [the salary] is under [the specified amount then they] are not suitable for the program.”

After tons of criticism, Sandi tried to explain his previous statement with another explanation which (not to our surprise) slightly differed to his previous one.

“(My statement) becomes a huge discourse, and people are saying that the program is not possible," Sandiaga said on Sunday to reporters.

This time, the businessman said that the Rp 7 million to Rp 10 million he mentioned last week is not the amount of personal income, but rather a household income in total.

He also urged people to read the program's explanation on his and Anies Baswedan's official campaign website, 

“We need to read that it is household income. With that, the ones who work in the family might be the husband and wife, or even the children," he said.

On the explanation sheet, which can be downloaded on their website, the pair mentioned that the priority of the program would be for those who have lived in Jakarta within a certain period of time, for more than five years, for example, and  it has to be proven by their ID cards.

However, questions keep on emerging despite Sandiaga's clarification — most about details.

Some asked about families with only one working person, some asked about families with multiple working members but still earn less than Rp 7 million monthly.

But for now, Sandiaga hoped his answer is satisfying enough for his critics.

“The point is, we are not going to run away from what we have promised during the campaign. We have promised it and [we just need to] realize it,” Sandiaga said.


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