The location of eviction in Bukit Duri area, South Jakarta in February 2017. (Brilio/Jefri Aries)

Do they really need to be reminded to do so?

Petra Hapsari   12 July 2017 06:30

South Jakarta Mayor Tri Kurniadi warned Satpol PP (Public Order Agency) officers to not to take selfies and to work seriously while dismantling buildings in Bukit Duri yesterday.

“I hope [they] do it seriously [and] not playing around. Don’t take selfies. I hope there will be no selfies taken while working,” Tri said during an assembly.

The caution is to keep the officers safe since the place is located on a riverbank that might be slippery due to flood.

“No selfie, okay? [We] worry [because] it is on a riverbank," said the head of South Jakarta Satpol PP Ujang Harmawan.

South Jakarta government dismantled buildings at the area of Bukit Duri to make way for Ciliwung River normalization program.

Evictions had been done several times and were usually met with protests. However, this time, government claimed that there was no such thing.

Yesterday, 385 people from Bukit Duri are relocated to government-subsidized flats in Cakung, Pulogebang, Komarudin and Rawa Bebek.

Most of the residents reportedly have moved since last Ramadan and after Idul Fitri.

The government also promised to provide free Transjakarta service and school buses to help children go to school if the schools are too far from their current homes.


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