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'His people' wish he can be present during FPI's birthday.

Petra Hapsari   02 August 2017 17:25

The Chairman of Islamic Defender Front Rizieq Shihab reportedly will arrive in Jakarta on 16 August.

Rizieq’s attorney Kapitra Ampera said he will reach the capital one day before the country’s Independence Day as well as FPI’s anniversary as FPI members are hoping the firebrand cleric can be present during the organization’s anniversary event.

“The plan is on August 15, [Rizieq] flies from there [Saudi Arabia], [and] on the 16 he will be here because on Aug. 17, there will be all-ethnic march pioneered by FPI,” Kapitra said.

Whether Rizieq will really be here or this is only another rumor remain a mystery we have to endure.

Rizieq has been listed in police’s people search list after a sex chat allegedly belonged to him and Firza Husein emerged.

He flew to Saudi Arabia and has never traveled back to Indonesia since then, even when he has been named a suspect.

Kapitra claimed Rizieq will face his legal cases when he's back.

“Of course when he is back in Indonesia he will face all problems and things related to the situations here,” Kapitra said.

Kapitra also denied that Rizieq is trying to run away from the case.

“Since a long time ago, [Rizieq] is ready [for investigation], but the problem is the people [FPI and Rizieq supporters] are not ready,” Kapitra added, saying that 'Rizieq's people' are worried that there are some parties who might use this case to worsen his image.


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