Firza has been named suspect but Rizieq is still a witness.

Petra Hapsari   17 May 2017 09:00

Police has named Firza Husein a suspect in a pornography case involving Islamic Defender Front chief Rizieq Shihab.

She was named suspect after spending one day of questioning at the Jakarta Police headquarter yesterday. Firza even had to spend the night at the station despite police claimed the questioning has finished.

“We’ve had sufficient evidence. There are police report, statements from witness, physical evidence and expert opinion,” Jakarta Police Spokesperson Sr. Commr. Argo Yuwono said last night.

“Expert found that there was a transmission between the two mobile phones. We’ve checked the phones, they are Firza’s and Rizieq’s.”

Other experts said that the pictures of the naked female are originals and were not manipulated. Meanwhile, Indonesia Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (Inafis) Heri Cahyono confirmed that the person in the pictures is Firza.

“Expert witness said [the woman in the picture and Firza are] identical. But Firza doesn’t want to admit that. She said that’s not her,” Argo said.

Despite having to spend the night at the police station, Firza was not technically arrested — at least not yet. Argo said that police still has one day to decide whether they want to issue an arrest warrant. 

If found guilty, she is facing five years for violating the Law on Pornography.

The other players 

Firza is not the only person implicated in the sex-chat case. There’s also Fatima, or Kak Emma, who was the one Firza talked to in a widely circulated recording about her affair with Rizieq.

Kak Emma was also questioned yesterday.

According to the police, Kak Emma admitted that two women talking in the recording were indeed Firza and herself.

“The point is Firza has a close friend named Kak Emma. Whenever she wants to curhat (telling one’s one own personal story or problem or secret to someone else) she [would do it] to Kak Emma,” said Argo earlier yesterday. “The point is [Emma admitted] that the curhat activity did exist.” 

Meanwhile, the more important person in the case remains missing.

Rizieq is still not answering police summon. Up until now, he is still a witness to this case, but as he failed to appear for questioning twice, his status might be changed soon.


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