Image: AP Photo/Vincent Yu

This year, the budget for police reached Rp 84 trillion.

Petra Hapsari   10 July 2017 15:00

National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian expressed his gratitude to President Joko Widodo for increasing the annual budget for his corps these past three years.

According to Tito, police budget almost doubled in the three years of Jokowi's presidency.

“In 2014, police's budget was Rp 44 trillion per year, [and] within three years, in 2017, it becomes Rp 84 trillion per year. It means the budget increased two times fold,” Tito said today during the commemoration of the corps' anniversary in Central Jakarta.

With the budget, Tito claimed the police can upgrade their equipment and fix their infrastructures, including the construction of Jakarta Police Headquarter that has been delayed for 13 years.

“Under the leadership of Jokowi, Insha’Allah the Jakarta Police Headquarter’s construction will be finished by the end of 2017,” he continued.

The building of National Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim) will also finish approximately next year.

Two regional police squads will also be formed in West Sulawesi and West Papua, along with 11 new precinct police teams, 99 sectoral police teams and 144 subsector police teams.

The Directorate of Cyber Crime has also been formed under Jokowi’s leadership.

“Moreover, based on his policy, all police officers are now members of BPJS insurance so [they] can go to general hospital for free. Thank you,” Tito added.

For all improvement Jokowi has done to the police, Tito stated his gratitude.

“We want to say thank you and [give] appreciation as high as possible to Mr. President and Vice President who have guided the efforts to improve the police institution.”



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