This time, the President's video features Public Works and Housing Minister.

Petra Hapsari   07 June 2017 16:45

President Joko Widodo released a new vlog from his trip to Kalimantan.

Unlike his other videos, Jokowi is not alone this time.

The vlog shows the president visiting the construction site of a long road from Putussibau to Nanga Badau in West Kalimantan and he brought along Public Works and Housing Minister Basuki Hadimuljono.

“So, for the past two and half years, in Kalimantan, [we have been] doing [this road construction] for 1,900 KM,” Jokowi said. “With roads on the borders, we wish to grow new economic centers.”

From 170 kilometers of the road the government has to construct, there are only 27 kilometers left.

“So this is the work, it is still on progress. God willing, it can be finished just like this,” said Minister Basuki while showing the part of the road that has been finished.

Jokowi then asked the minister when the road project will be finished.

“So, it will finish at the end of 2017, or no later than early 2018,” Basuki answered.

The road construction of Putussibau to Nanga Badau is just one of the government’s many construction projects. In the past three years, the government has constructed more than 520 kilometers new border roads.

Here is the full vlog of President Joko Widodo:



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