President believes the second round of Jakarta election would run successfully.

Andry Trysandy Mahany   20 April 2017 13:57 - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and First Lady Iriana voted for Jakarta Gubernatorial Election at TPS 4 Gambir, Central Jakarta.

Traditional song Bengawan Solo was played at the moment Jokowi and Iriana came at around 10.35 a.m.

After voting, Jokowi shared that he is certain this second election would run successfully and he also believes it will give Jakarta a good leader.

“I believe Jakarta democracy party would run successfully and would give Jakarta a good and trusted leader.” He said.

The president reminded people to accept the final result and not to let the differences in political choice will not divide them.

“Our differences in political choice, let it not break our unity because we are all brothers. Whatever the result might be, whoever win, we should accept it relievedly.”


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