Mutawakkil Alallah (third from left). (Photo: Twitter/@NU_Jatimonline)

It will be bigger than 212 rally, they said.

Tunggul Kumoro   11 August 2017 08:50

The East Java branch of Nahdlatul Ulama Muslim organization (PWNU) Chairman Mutawakkil Alallah renounced the government policy of five-day school week of full-day school. The branch even said they are ready to perform mass protest in Jakarta if their aspiration kept being overlooked.

"NU scholars are ready to hit the Jakarta's street. Insya Allah [God willing], this will be bigger than 212 rally. That'll happen if there's no response to this aspiration," said Alallah at the Probolinggo branch office, East Java, Wednesday.

Alallah also urged President Joko Widodo to review the newly-made regulation.

The caretaker of Zainul Hasan Genggong pesantren (Islamic boarding schools) stated that he had already instructed the board to install banner and billboards containing their voice to reject the policy.

"All the pesantren's caretakers, madrassa (Islamic school) and NU followers to participate in refusing the policy. It will suffocate the madrassa diniyah (non-formal madrassa). Please, do not turn the conducive situation complicated with such belligerent ministerial policy," closed him.



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