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Tunggul Kumoro   10 August 2017 13:15

The dispute between comedian Muhadkly MT a.k.a Acho and Green Pramuka Apartment developer might come to an end soon. Both sides reportedly have welcomed the peace agreement in a reconciliation session held at the Jakarta Police's Special Crimes Investigation Department office, Wednesday.

"It means we're from Acho's side and Green Pramuka, have agreed to resolve the issue peacefully and amicably," said Acho's lawyer Thompson Situmeang at the Jakarta Police headquarter, Wednesday.

There were still several points to be discussed, considering both sides were in the stage of formulating agreements for the peaceful endeavor.

"So, there was a little agreement which may not be completed within one or two hours tonight. About the technicalities, we had a discussion, but we're still unable to publish it. We'll do the follow-up tomorrow," he explained.

The similar thing was expressed by lawyer M. Rizal Siregar representing the Green Pramuka's side. Rizal stated that the apartment management was truly open for a discussion.

"So, if we're asked, it would be similar to Acho's [side] that we're settling the mediation by way of kinship," said Rizal.

Rizal said that later both sides would convey the requirements for the peace agreement.

"Because the mediation is one of the alternative solutions to the dispute, so technically we couldn't answer right now, and we both'll meet again tomorrow," added Rizal.

Previously, stand-up comedian Acho was reported to police and had been named a suspect over defamation and libel following his complaint to the apartment developer.

The case revolves around when the comic's writing on his disappointment related to the facilities provided by Green Pramuka Apartment in Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta, in March 2015. In his blog post, he said that he expected to get the green open spaces promised by the apartment, but the management has failed to fulfill its promise.


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