Water stuck inside your ears might lead to infection. Plus, it's super annoying, right?

  07 August 2017 09:00

By Kurnia Putri Utomo

Have you ever got some water stuck in your ears?

It must be so annoying, mustn’t it?

And to make it worse, water stuck in your ear might cause infection if you don’t push them out.

But, don’t worry! We’ve got ways to help you to get it out.

1. Wiggle your earlobe

You can wiggle your earlobe while moving your head up and down. Shaking your head can also help.

2. Let the gravity help you

You can tilt your body and let the ear which has water face down. Don’t forget to cover your ear using towel. Water will come out by itself.

3. Place a hot compress on your ear

Water might get stuck in your Eustachian tube and it is difficult to get them out. To help you get it out, place a hot compress around your ear and wait until the water comes out.

4. Use a hairdryer

Hairdryer can help evaporate the water stuck in your ears. Set the hairdryer on the lower level to avoid getting your ear hurt. Let the wind gets into your ear to help water comes out.

5. Use olive oil

Olive oil can prevent infection. Drops olive oil in your ear and do sit up so the water along with the oil will come out.

6. Use alcohol and vinegar

Mix alcohol and vinegar and drop them in your ear. Wait until 30 seconds and let the water come out.

7. Chew something

When the water got stuck inside your Eustachian tube, mouth movements might help open the tube. Chew a gum to decrease the pressure of Eustachian tube to help water to come out.

8. Do valsalva maneuver

Doing valsalva maneuver is easy. Close your nostrils, breathe from your mouth and then exhale it through your covered nose. If you hear vibration in your ear, it means the tube has been opened and water will come out. But, you have to be careful so you won’t damage your eardrum.

9. Use hot steam

Hot steam might help the water out from Eustachian tube. Try to take shower with hot water and warm your water with a bowl of warm water.

10. When everything fails... see a doctor!

If you have done all you could to get the water out but nothing seems to work, consult a doctor.


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