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Something to think about during your toilet breaks.

Petra Hapsari   19 September 2017 11:35

Holding your pee for too long is not good for your health. Paying attention to how many times you urinate is also mandatory.

The frequency of passing water can help you indicate your health condition.

How many times should we urinate daily?

A healthy person can urinate around four to ten times a day. In 24 hours, normal frequency of urinating is six to eight times a day. Meanwhile, the amount of water passed is around 400 to 2,000 ml with two liters of normal fluid intake per day. However, each person has his own frequency of urination.

How many times you urinate depends on some factors, including:

- Age

- Your water intake in a day

- What you drink

- Medical condition such as diabetes or urinary tract infection

- Drug use

- Size of bladder

- Special cases such as pregnancy or after delivering a baby can affect how many times you urinate. During pregnancy, a woman can urinate more frequent because of the fluid changes along with the pressure in the bladder as the fetus grows. Also, after giving birth, the frequency of urination in women might still increase during up to eight weeks. This might be because of the body's natural response to remove additional fluid intake she gets from infusion and medicine.

Medical conditions which affect the frequency of urination

If you find out that you urinate more than 6 to 8 times a day, you should be careful. Besides incontinence or urinary retention, here are some medical conditions which can affect your urination frequency in a day.

- Diabetes. If you are having diabetes or undiagnosed diabetes, the extra sugar in your blood flow causes the fluid to move which makes you urinate more often.

- Hypo or hyperkalemia. So, if the calcium level in your body is not balance, whether it is too high or too low, it might disturb the urine flow in your body.

- Sickle cell anemia. This condition affects kidney function and urine concentration. It might cause the patient of sickle cell anemia to urinate more frequent.

- Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) can affect the frequency of you passing water. It mostly happens to women. It can make you urinate much more frequently. During the infection, you will urinate more often but the quantity is small. You might also feel burning sensation when you are urinating. There are many causes of UTIs which might happen so you better check yourself to doctor if you feel you might have UTIs.

- Certain conditions cause you to produce urine lesser than the average. For men, it might be due to enlarged prostate. If your prostate enlarged, it can block the urine flow out from their bladder. This is what makes them to be unable empty their bladder even though they have urinated.

- People with heart problem, high blood pressure, or weak kidney function usually consume diuretic. It draws extra fluid out of the bloodstream and moves it to kidneys. Consuming this can cause you to pee more frequent.

If you urinate too often in a day that you feel it affect your life quality, it is better for you to consult doctor. Medical condition which makes you urinate more often is better to be treated earlier. It is to avoid complication or infection to spread to other part of your body.

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