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Tunggul Kumoro   21 August 2017 09:40

Persistent insomnia is enough to drive anyone mad. You might turn to your phone to make the hours to go faster, but will only prolong your sleep deficiency — no sleep expert recommends you to turn on any gadget before you go to bed though.

Essex-based company Lush might have the solution for those insomniacs in case counting sheeps doesn't help. Named "Sleepy", this so-called miracle lotion recently takes the internet by storm. Chronically sleep-deprived people claimed to get a better night's sleep upon putting on the beauty products on their skin.

Sleepy is a perfect mix of cocoa butter, oatmeal body lotion, lavender oil, tonka absolute and ylang-ylang oil. It was originally created as a limited edition product, but it’s so good that many stores that the company had no option but to list it to its permanent products.

“We knew the product was good, but we didn’t know everyone would fall for it,” told Leigh Casbourne, a brand and product trainer for Lush to Global News.


Picked up some #Lush #Sleepy. Excited to see if it is as good as it's claimed to be. #insomnia #lushsleepy

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Goodnight Sadie #sleepybaby #lushsleepy

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Seeing all of those positive reviews, insomniacs should just give this product a try. Else, you can let others to try it first in case you are too afraid, your baby for example. 


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