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What you do and how you do it matter.

Petra Hapsari   30 August 2017 12:30

First aid is really important because it can determine the patient’s condition. But good intention is not enough to someone's life as you can do it wrong that the patient's condition might just worsen afterwards.

Well, here are the right things to keep in mind when you are dealing with some emergencies:

1. Don’t rub your eyes!

When things such as dust get into your eyes, you might automatically want to rub your eyes. In fact, this is dangerous since it might cause irritation or the worse, the strange object might get stuck in your eyes.

DO: Close your eyes repeatedly to let your tears bring the dirt out since your tears have a function as eye-cleaner.

2. Cold compress your sprain instead of putting something warm on it.

It might be comfortable to give warm compress or patches to the sprain. Unfortunately, it will only worsen the inflammation. That is why you need to avoid giving your sprained legs warm compress or soaking your feet in warm water.

DO: Use cold compress on the sprained part. However, if you want to use ice cubes do not just put them directly.  Cover the ice with soft cloth and put it on the sprained part for around 15 to 20 minutes. Put the compress off for a while for a break and put it on again if necessary.

3. Don’t look up when you have nose-bleeding!

If you look up during a nose-bleed, the chance is the blood might flow to your esophagus, which might get you choked, cough and breathing issues.

DO: Pin your nose using your thumb and index finger while sitting up straight. Hold it for about 15 minutes. While waiting, breathe using your mouth until the bleeding stopped. If in 30 minutes it keeps on bleeding, try to get medical assistance soon.

4. Try not to use a tourniquet to stop the bleeding if possible.

Using tourniquet to stop the bleeding is recommended only to be the last choice when there is nothing else to use. This is because binding near the bleeding area using tourniquet can cause permanent tissue damage.

DO: Find quite thick cloth, gauze, or bandage. Cover the bleeding area with the cloth or bandage and keep on pressuring the above part of the bleeding area using your hand or fingers. Even though the blood keeps flowing, do not release the pressure until you reach hospital or clinic.

5. Don’t stick a spoon to the mouth when someone is having a seizure!

You might often hear that people who are having seizure should have spoon stick on his mouth to prevent him from biting his tongue.

DO: Tilt the body sideways to let the foam on his mouth flowing out, and he can breathe. The seizure usually stops itself. However, if it happens for more than 5 minutes without the sign of getting better, please call medical officers (118/021-65303118 for Jakarta area or 112 for all Indonesia).

6. Stop covering your burns with ice cube or toothpaste.

Do not just cover your burns with ice cube or toothpaste as these two might cause tissue damage. You also need to avoid applying butter.

DO: Rinse the burn under the flowing clear water (not iced water) for 20 minutes. Remember that you need to rinse it for a bit longer time since it is to prevent the hot to damage the layer of your skin more. After that, you can apply special ointment for burns or go to a doctor.

7. Going to the nearest hospital during an emergency is not always right.

In an emergency situation, you might want to bring the person the nearest hospital. Your intention might be good; however, the nearest hospital or clinic might not necessarily be adequate or able to deal with his condition.

DO: You should be wiser in choosing the hospital. This decision is really important since there might be no complete equipment or facility to save the patient. Sometimes, it is safer to bring the patient to a further hospital with better facilities and medical personnel. So, you should know which hospital in your area which is the best for giving first aid in certain emergencies such as heart attack or stroke.

The article was previously published in and all medical data has been reviewed by a licensed medical doctor.


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