The level of complexity determines the price.

Ines Faradina   23 October 2015 16:25 - For those who say they know everything about Jogja, you must be familiar with Kasongan which is famous for its ceramic crafts and pottery. When you are visiting Kasongan, you will see a row of shops or galleries selling various pottery products or ‘gerabah’ and ceramic crafts. One such gallery is Naga Sakti ceramic craft.

In this gallery, there are various ceramic crafts offered, ranging from flower vases, earthenware jugs, piggy banks, sculptures, to ceramic tiles. “Small craft pieces like a piggy bank and other smaller handicrafts cost between IDR 35,000 to 100,000. A set of a table and chairs is worth IDR 1,3 million due to its quality,” said Anto the owner.

Some people may wonder about the price of the ceramic crafts or souvenirs which can reach millions rupiah. Anto stated that the level of complexity affects the price. For example, the production process of a vase coated with glass needs a high level of precision and extreme care in crafting the small details. Moreover, the coloring process has to use quality paint.

“The most expensive craft is earthenware jug which with a height of 2 meters. It is worth IDR 4,8 million because the production was complicated and the finishing took a long time,” said Anto.

So, it is all about “paying the price”. The higher the price, the greater quality that will be produced.


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