Some areas are concealed or obscured in some not concealed ways.

Retno Wulandari   16 June 2016 13:59 - Needless to say that Google Maps is a life saviour technology for all wanderers around the globe. It minimizes the risk of getting lost, and you can find any place on Earth with just a few clicks.

Well, almost any place.

Even a hi-tech company’s product like Google Maps has to deal with lingering mysteries, when some users found out that there are some areas of Google Maps that, for one purpose or another, are concealed or obscured in some not concealed ways. Sounds suspicious? Check these five “hidden” areas on the map to be investigated:

1. Junction Ranch (California, USA)

In the middle of California's Mohave Desert, lies Junction Ranch, the place where you will feel the mystery in the air. There lies a enigmatic airstrip, which some believe is part of the China Lake proving grounds, which is an air force testing location for military drones. While that’s quite suspicious, it’s even weirder to find that only parts of the base are obscured from Google Maps. If you zoom in on the base (white square box), there are parts of buildings intentionally scratched out. Can someone provide a sensible reason?

2. Sandy Island (Coral Sea, between Australia and New Caledonia)

Legend has it that Sandy Island was discovered by Captain Cook during his explorations of and around Australia in the late 1700s. But in 2012, a group of Australians arrived at the “island” to find nothing but open sea, with water almost a mile deep at its shallowest point. It said that Sandy Island is actually never existed, but we still can see in Google Maps some dark area in a shape of an island, with some parts are mysteriously blurred out. Seems like something fishy is going on there.

3. Thule Air Base (Greenland)

During the Cold War in 1968, a US’ plane carrying a nuclear payload crashed while taking off from Thule Air Base in Greenland. During the crash, the nuclear weapon was said to have released a significant amount of radiation into the surrounding environment. You can see the area of the crash is still blurred out on Google Maps.

4. Kangtega (Solukhumbu, Nepal)

Kangtega, known also as The Snow Saddle, is a major mountain peak of the Himalayas in Nepal with the summit rises 6,782 metres. This is one of the most mysterious places to look at from the internet, because it’s completely blacked out on Google Maps. Rumour has it that the reason of it’s blocking ranged from a military base to Nazi UFOs. But it seems like we would never heard the full story, unless we can hike up all 22,000 feet to find out.

5. Secret Island in Russia

Severnaya Zemlya is a large archipelago off the north coast of Russia. All of the major islands have obviously been blurred. It’s sort of questionable why those areas have to be hidden on Google Maps. What’s going on?



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