Beauty blogger behind Working With Monolids shares the best make up and skin care products for active big city girls.

Adelia Anjani Putri   20 April 2017 16:51 - When we met with Francesca Tanmizi, the blogger behind Working With Monolids project on Instagram and Youtube, we didn’t only talk about make up tips and her views on having a typical Asian facial feature. We also asked her to give recommendation about beauty products that she finds working really well, both make up and skin care, especially for working women living in big cities — because, who doesn’t hate to splurge on stuff we cannot use, right?

So here are the five foolproof products Francesca swears by:

1 and 2. Skindinavia’s Setting Spray and Primer


Skindinavia's Primer and Setting Spray ©

“You kinda have to use it together,” she said. “I have a very oily face. I have dry patches but get oily in my T-zone. Usually my foundation is gone by 12 p.m., but if I wear Skindinavia, it lasts until 5 or 6 p.m..That’s awesome!”

Francesca bought the products online from the company’s website, but she said the last time she ordered them, she got a notice from Indonesian Food and Drug Agency (BPOM) saying that she needed to process a license for the imported goods. 

“It’s ridiculuous!” she said with a laugh. “I’m not selling it, I just need it for myself!”

If you want to try the setting spray and primer duo, there are local online shops selling them, but make sure the stores are legit and does not sell fake products. Or, if you don’t trust online shops, you might want to try Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray which the company created in collaboration with Skindinavia — most beauty bloggers say the two products works the same, the ‘collaboration’ might’ve been just a repackaging. Urban Decay is available in shopping malls in Jakarta.

3. Sulwhasoo’s Gingseng Eye Cream

Sulwhasoo's Concentrated Gingseng Renewing Eye Cream ©

“I stopped using it for two weeks to try different eye creams and my eyes started to sinking in! I’m still recovering,” Francesca said. “When I use the eye cream, my eyes look so radiant.”

But the product is in the higher end of price range. It sells for $180 per 25 ml on Sulwhasoo’s US website and the Indonesian website does not share the product’s exact price. 

“It’s so expensive, that’s why I’m so pissed off that my skin likes it so much. I was hoping that I would hate it, but it’s really really good!”

The product is available in Sulwhasoo’s counter in selected department stores in Indonesia.

4. The Face Shop’s BB Cooling Cushion

The Face Shop's BB Cooling Cushion © The Face Shop

“When I use it, my face looks really dewy without being oily. And everybody tells me that I have great skin. I don’t, but everybody says I have great skin (when I use it). Amazing!” she said.

And the product is also available in cute Disney’s packaging!

5. Etude House’s Lip Patch

Etude House's Lip Patch ©

“I have very dry lips and they often crack. Especially with liquid lipsticks, they’ll end up cracking,” she said. “The product says to use it for fifteen minutes, but I go to sleep with it. And when I wake up, even if my lips were cracking and bleeding the day before, the next day the will be all healed.”




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