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Indonesian make up artist Vizzily proves that make up can really change your look.

Andry Trysandy Mahany   28 February 2017 11:00

It’s amazing how make up can really change someone’s appearance.

Indonesian make up artist Vizzily, through her Instagram account, shows her magic touch that can transform women’s looks for their special days.

Here are ten before and after pictures of Vizzily’s creation taken from her Instagram account.

1. Good shading technique and eye make up can really change your facial feature.


2. Who doesn't want to look stunning for her wedding day?


3. A perfect amount of highlighter and blush make you glow for your special day. 


4. Color-correcting cream and foundation can cover your pimples and scars.


5. Brows and lashes affect the whole look!


6. Again, brows are very important.


7. And fake lashes make your eye pop.


8. Contact lenses make your eyes pop even more!


9. Using the right shade of your foundation is the base to create a great make up ensemble.


10. But sometimes, make up makes you look unrecognizable — and it’s not always a bad thing!



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